Tuscany, Italy; London, England; or Paris, France for a 20 year old female to go to for study abroad. ?

This summer (June or July) I will be doing a study abroad through my college. Mon through Thurs we will have classes and field trips to tourist sites (museums, plays, ect). Fri through Sun will be open for me to do what ever. For a 20 year old female who likes to have fun.... where should I do my study abroad... tuscany, italy; paris, france; or london, england. I want some entertainment on my days off for i will see all the educational sites mon through thurs. I like music and concerts and dancing so i want to go to a place with some nightly entertainment and shops.


What I am studying is not a key factor. I just want to make sure on my days off I will have some fun entertainment!!

Update 2:

i also would like to meet locals there and i speak english

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  • emily
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    1 decade ago
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    Honestly, any of those places would be nice. You would find music, concerts and dancing at any of them.

    If you are looking to mix more with locals, you may want to consider London, unless you speak Italian or French, though during the summer there is usually an influx of foreigners in all locations.

    London will be a bit colder than the others - often 60s and 70s during the daytime.

    Do know that once you get there it is fairly easy to get from place to place - for example, you can connect by train directly from London to Paris, so do know that you can get from one place to another.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Personally I would recommend Paris. It's a large city with tons to see and do. They have a great night life and the younger people will likely be more than happy to speak to you in English (not too sure about the older ones though).Plus, they have the TGV there so traveling around France should be really easy.

    You will have such a great time and plus if you travel to Paris as opposed to going somewhere like London you have the opportunity of learning another language. You can use that later to your advantage on resumes and such. French is a great language to learn by the way.

    Best of luck with you study abroad.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ooh tough choice! If you want culture, Italy is your pick. It also depends on what you're studying and which place is best for you. If that doesn't matter, I would go with Italy. Tuscany may not be as big as Paris or London, but the culture is amazing. I'm sure there are good concerts there too. Maybe you can search your favorite bands and see if they will be in one of those locations too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    See, now my choice for culture would be France! Cuz who can beat the Louve and French cuisine and the French countryside and the south of France and the Riviera and Paris and all that natural wine and cheese and the Eiffel Tower....but if you like a little opera along with your art, then Italy........in spite of all this I would go to England to the southwest area and see the country gardens....you are just going to have to go back more than once!

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