Do illegal immigrants have an affect on health care?

Why should americans/illegals be given health care by the govt? What's the incentive to get affordable health care when anyone can go to any emergency room today without any health care coverage, be treated, and not have to pay for it? Do you think that if this law was changed, our health care system would vastly improve? Thoughts?


Sarahnay - My point is not to include all americans without health care coverage in the same group as illegals. The point I'm trying to make is aren't we already providing health care to everyone at the emergency rooms because of the fact, as another person mentioned below, that you don't need to show any id or any proof of insurance to receive care? You mention filling out paperwork for those who can't afford it. Again, God bless those people who truly are honest with the hospitals and give them all their information to try to pay off the bills over time. I'm referring to those who know and abuse the law that states you can get treatment at any ER without having to pay or prove/show any id, address. Do you realize how many times at work I ask people for any insurance cards/id cards to write down information on the way to the hospital? Too many to count. The response is usually "No hablo ingles. No vivo in los estados unidos" That's the stuff I'm talking about.

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    Illegals show up at any ER they provide false information , like wrong address,wrong employer,false ss# this mean there is no way to track them down. Have you ever read where any illegal made an effort to pay for their births,they come to expect this as an entitlement and basiclly feel all services are suppose to come free as well as free medications.You try going to an ER and see what they expect from you.Many require money upfront.But Illegals do not even have to do that much.

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    We all have an effect on our healthcare. Most of the issue is over-utilization. Whether it is from people with Medicaid going to the ER for non-emergent symptoms or the uninsured not paying the bills, it negatively affects all of us. Healthcare is a business and like all businesses, if they are not making money, we taxpayers and insured members pay through the nose for it.

    We are in a terrible position in healthcare. If you work and make any kind of money, you don't get Medicaid. But if you sit around with your hand out, they will give it to you. That leaves alot of people with no coverage. Most doctors and urgent cares will not see patients with no insurance without payment upfront. And who has an extra $60-$125 laying around when you are just living paycheck to paycheck. They are really stuck on where to get care so they go to the ER where most often it is not a life threatening condition but the ER charges are very high since it is for life threatening situations.

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    No! because they are not eligible for any health care. They have been banned from most Government programs since 1996 when Congress passed (and President Clinton signed) the welfare-reform law known as the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. From then on, only citizens or legal immigrants, such as those with a Green Card, were eligible for federal benefits.

    They are only eligible for for certain emergency medical treatments. They may receive short-term disaster relief. They may be immunized against communicable diseases. They may be served at soup kitchens or seek refuge in homeless shelters. Children of undocumented immigrants may attend public schools. But those same children are not eligible for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which covers children of the working poor not eligible for Medicaid.

    So it doesn't make sense when people say they have an effect on health care.. It's just another ploy to try and get others to hate them.....that's all.

    Undocumented Aliens Do Not Overburden Government Programs

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    Okay, there are problems with what you said. Not "anyone" can get free treatment at the emergency room. You can go in and fill out paperwork that says you do not make enough money to pay your bills, but they may find that you do make enough money, even if you don't have health insurance and garnish your wages. Yes, they cannot refuse you at the ER just because you have no insurance, but they can also make you pay your bills. I think that it is horrible of you to lump all Americans without health insurance in with illegal immigrants. Not all Americans that do not have health insurance are illegal. My sister had no health insurance for a long time and she is perfectly legal (was born in Minnesota), but her company charges so much for health insurance that she spends most of her paycheck on health insurance. Because she had no health insurance she ended up just dealing with it when she got sick. Recently she had to sign up for the health insurance because she got like five upper respiratory infections in a row. It turned out that she was really sick and had to have surgery. If there were affordable health insurance for all maybe she could have caught it earlier and not had to have surgery. It isn't a bad thing, and it isn't like it would be free, but affordable. I mean, my fiancee pays for health insurance through the military and pays a lot for it, but it is worth it to keep our kids and him safe and healthy.

    Of course, I can see that there would be negatives, but they could be sorted out in the long run. I think affordable health insurance for all is a great idea. It works for Germany, and they are a strong nation.

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    Some advocates for illegals claim they are adding $400 billion each year to the US economy. We know they wire $20-40 billion to Mx, alone, each year. So if they have that much available income why are we providing them with free ER care & labor/delivery. With that amount of free income they should be paying their own medical bills. and of course they can always go back to MX for treatment or delivery.

    Anyone who receives medical care and doesn't pay for it effects the costs to everyone. Higher charges, higher premiums. Nurses are responsible for more patients so patient care is not as good.

    And I know I have received statements from medical facilities with my address, but not my name on the billing. I wonder why that is, Hmmmm? Someone lying maybe to get free care and not have bill collectors after them.

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    If a person goes to an ER, service can't be denied, because the life of that person can be in jeopardy. The life of a person is the first priority.

    That clarified, in an ER you have any kind of people going there. You see real emergency cases and you see cases that are not real emergencies and people abusing the ER just because they don't want to go to a doctor's office. At the same time you have people with insurance, people with no insurance, legal people, illegal people, USA citizens, etc, etc. You see all kind of people and cases.

    The goal of the ER is to treat the patient that has a real emergency, and other minor cases can wait. The real emergency takes priority.

    Now, while the patient is in the ER, information has to be provided either by the patient or by the person who brought the patient. They need to collect information. If you are a USA citizen, you need to show your ID, your insurance ( if you have one). if you are not legal, how you can show an ID or a valid drivers license? That illegal person can't be tracked. And there is a problem there.

    But, illegals are not the only problem in healthcare. Many citizens abuse the system and you can see the ER overloaded with people watching tv while they are waiting just for a Tylenol because they are in welfare and they don't want to go to a pharmacy and buy it themselves. Sometimes even for cold medicines. They also want doctors to prescribe them Ibuprofen so they don't have to pay. So, there are Americans who are also abusing the system. Usually the ones who abuse the system are lower classes, used to receive benefits and they want more. I am not saying that all Americans without insurance are abusing the system because that is not true. What I am saying is that there is a majority that is abusing and they are not illegals.

    With the illegals, because they don't have insurance, no ID, they are not going to go to an ER just for fun, because they are scared of been deported. Many of them go because they really have something, but as per you know, that is not saying that illegal people are not abusing the system either, because maybe some of them are. You have all cases because you are dealing with people and you can't put black or white rules. People are different, they think different, they have different values, etc, and that goes in any race, country, etc. You can't label a group because people who do that have only simplistic minds.

    People who don't want illegals to be seen in the ER are just ignorant with no knowledge on the practice of medicine and they show no respect and they don't value the life of a human being. People who do that, don't have respect in the society.

    And in the state where live, I pay taxes, many taxes, there are many hospitals, they provide their services, and no one is closing because of any illegal, even when they are treated there, like many citizens with no insurance. The pretext of some people saying that illegals are the cause of the closing of hospitals and the problems on the healthcare system in the USA is just an exaggeration of their hate toward them. If they were such a big problem in the healtcare system, the government will have taken care of that a long time ago.

    Source(s): Now, for dirty who always complain about how much she pays in taxes, first, she lives in Texas,( as per she says, who knows and who cares) and Texas is one of only seven states that does not tax individual wage income. The state's constitution restricts passage of a personal income tax. I find hypocritical when she says that she is hurt from all the taxes that she is paying and love to blame on immigrants. That just only shows hate and possible wants to misinform people. One of the problems with Texas is that some programs are underfunded. This is an old problem and even people in Texas wanted the legislature to raise their taxes so they can have funds. There is a link from 2003 that shows those kinds of news, so blaming now on the immigrants is just like a scapegoat for the troubles of SOME people, possible because they have a hidden agenda. The problems are the politicians, the state, the mentality of hateful organizations and people who like to spread lies So don't blame the immigrants. Now, will see if dirty screams and start with insults, as she loves to do.
  • Most Americans actually give a real address for billing purposes and do receive the bills if they receive care. They get sued by hospitals and collection agencies all the time.

    Illegal aliens rarely give an accurate address. Some hospitals, in border states especially, have closed their ER's due to the excessive abuse of them by illegal aliens without any reimbursement. Some have closed their obstetrical units for the same reason.

    Many HMO's are denying payment if their policy holders utilize the ER for non-emergencies, which compounds the problem in addition to uninsured and illegal aliens.

    Another problem illegal aliens bring is disease. They are unscreened like legal immigrants. MDR-tuberculosis cases have been traced directly to illegal aliens. Cost to treat can reach over $250,000. MDR-TB has been considered endemic to Mexico, and outbreaks in several US states have been directly traced to illegal aliens from Mexico. Sexually-transmitted diseases. Chagas disease. Hansens' disease.

    Guess who brought Dengue fever into Webb Co. Texas? Intestinal parasites. Feel like gambling with our health or closing the border?

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    There have been several hospitals that have closed down due to illegals that can't pay their bills. We have a neighbor that his wife is a alcoholic she receives disability from the state of California. Three times last year they called an ambulance to pick her up because she had alcohol poisoning. The husbands mentality was they would call for the ambulance because it was free and he wouldn't have to sit in the emergency room waiting. By the way did I mention they are white. Excuse me but the tax payers pay for that ambulance, and they are not cheap, I had to pay for one for my daughter. So it's not just illegals, it's all of the people that milk the system that is draining it.

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    It would help to make the cost cheaper. Yes without a pass port or being born here, you should get nothing. Unless of course it is a child. We should give them a ride back. That's all they get.

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    How about this: in the greater Los Angeles area over dozen emergency rooms have closed their doors because thay can't pay their bills giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens. Whose country is this anyway?

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