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My wife was prescribed Metronidazole, why?

My wife came back from the doctor a few days ago and said that she had a yeast infection and that the doctor prescribed Metronidazole for both of us? She says that the doctor wants for both of us to take it for 14 days.

The thing is, we have had yeast infections before ( a couple of times over a 25 year period ) and I KNEW when I had it! We simply used a cream by prescription back then and that took care of it.

We have only been intimate once in the last 2 months. (Other reasons for this) Well when she told me that we had to take this pill that kinda' set off alarms in my head. So she said she would call the doctor. This afternoon she tells me that she forgot to call him but, she was SURE I didn't have to take it?

I found out that Metronidazole is used to treat Trich and BV. But, the kicker is that he also prescribed the cream for yeast infection? After doing some research online, I find that Metronidazole can cause a yeast infection therefore I am assuming that the cream is in case this happens!

So my question is, "Why would he prescribe Metronidazole for a yeast infection as my wife said and not just the cream?

(PS. I have NOT been with anyone else because I work 12 to 14 hour days)

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    Treatment. All women with BV should be informed of their diagnoses, including the possibility of sexual transmission, and offered treatment. They can be treated with antibiotics such as metronidazole or clindamycin. Generally, male sex partners are not treated. Many women with symptoms of BV do not seek medical treatment, and many asymptomatic women decline treatment.


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    ok here is the scoop. You are right as far as Trichomonas is what they treat with this medicine. Trichomonas is a parasite that lives inside around the ovaries or fallopian tubes and it IS a STD. It is a very nasty thing to get because it is actually a living single celled organism and can do a lot of permanent damage all the way from infertility to death. The man is a carrier but has no symptoms, however, he does have to take the medicine also or he will continue to pass it around. So if you have been sexual with your wife lately, you had better go to a doctor and if it were me, a lawyer too. Sorry about this.

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    Nope. If she quits her job, she doesn't qualify for unemployment. Look into the maternity leave laws in your area. She won't qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act since she hasn't been there for a year, but she may qualify for job protection under state laws. Most "maternity leave" doesn't require paid leave. The woman must take accrued sick time and vacation hours and take the rest of the time off unpaid. She should see if she qualifies for Short Term Disability at work as an alternative, though many places require at least one year of service or more before eligible (my current job requires 3 years before I qualify for short term disability)

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    WOW I think you should reconsider who on yahoo you listen to.... that is also used to treat yeast infections and is the main ingredient in most of the yeast infection treatments. The doc likely wants you to apply it just in case!! if you are still unsure go to the doc, if he thinks you have an STD or STI he has to tell you... dont listen to those trying to tell you that it for sure is STD related ,,,,,, trust more in your wife

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    this stuff isn't for yeast infections..... it does treat trich.. but it also treats vaginosis. This is not an STD. If you think she has been unfaithful, why don't you get tested? If it turns out to be trich... well there ya go.

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