youtube videos wont play?

my brother just downloaded Google chrome and i noticed that i cant play any music videos or sounds besides i tunes. i checked the speaker plug and there in tight and i just got new speakers. and when i go on youtube the whole bar that says play and pause aren't there and the picture is blank. can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong or how to fix it?

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    THEIR BOGUS AND UNNECESSARY SOFTWARE, which is really insulting since you

    cannot even access or watch videos.

    It looks like quite a few people are asking about blank / white

    YouTube players or screens. Thus I spent an hour-and-a-half

    googling, researching and reading dozens and dozens of help

    forums and threads. The best that I was able to come up with

    is that there is no definitive solution out there. However, there

    was an interesting factor in almost everything I saw:...Firefox.

    A few people seemed to eventually discover their own unique

    solution, but nobody else was able to duplicate that same fix.

    Also, each one of those apparent solutions was complicated

    and written in such bafflegab jibberish and convoluted techno

    "computerese", that I wouldn't dare recommend any of those

    potential solutions.

    However, I also came across 4 somewhat easier possibilities,

    so check these out:

    1) If you are using a Mac and also have Firefox, just "log out".

    2) Three people said all they had to do was delete a program

    called "Gnash" (whatever that is).

    3) One person apparently found success by clicking on Tools,

    then Quick Preferences, then Edit Site Preferences, then the

    Network tab, then Browser Identification, then (finally) Identify

    as Firefox.

    4) The last possibility is for you to double-check your internet

    connection if it's slow or weak -- because some people wrote

    that they always noticed "1 item remaining" in the bottom left

    corner of their browser screen.

    Sorry, but that's all that I can realistically recommend for you.

    If you would like to research this matter further, you can type

    any of the following in Google's searchbox:

    -- youtube "blank screen"

    -- youtube "blank player"

    -- youtube "blank box"

    -- youtube "white screen"

    -- youtube "white player"

    -- youtube "white box"

    If nothing above does your thing, let me suggest what I advise

    so many other folks when YouTube gets slow, stuck or weird:

    clear your "cache" of its "Cookies", "History" and "Temporary

    Internet Files". What I call my famous "CHTIF triple-cure" has

    solved 100s of people's YouTube problems, so why not yours.

    Simply do the following, then shutdown your comp and reboot:

    Internet Explorer 6:

    → Tools → Internet Options

    → Delete Cookies → OK

    → Delete Files → OK

    → Clear History → Yes

    → OK

    Internet Explorer 7:

    → Tools → Internet Options > Delete...

    → Delete files → Yes

    → Delete cookies → OK

    → Delete history → OK

    → Close (browsing history window)

    → OK

    Mozilla Firefox

    → Tools → Clear Private Data

    [x] Browsing History

    [x] Download History

    [x] Saved Form and Search History

    [x] Cache

    [x] Cookies

    → Clear Private Data Now

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    hi verify the risk-free practices settings in ur cyber web ideas in ur administration Panel. click start up then administration Panel after which cyber web ideas. ensure ur sliders are on Medium while u click the risk-free practices Tab on the coolest and the privateness tabs on the coolest. additionally, ensure u don't have a " Pop Up Blocker " on ur Browser in the toolbar u will see Settings click on that when which uncheck the Pop Up Blocker. attempt that !!!

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    Idk, but you might want to download the latest version of Adobe

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