Did Amerigo Vespucci ever get married and have children?

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    The father of Amerigo Vespucci was Nastagio Vespucci, and his uncle was the learned Dominican Giorgio Antonio Vespucci, who had charge of Amerigo's education. The entire family was cultured and friendly with the Medici rulers of Florence. Domenico Ghirlandaio painted Amerigo in a family portrait when the youth was about 19. However, the explorer had reached his 40s at the time he began voyaging to America, so Ghirlandaio furnishes only an approximate idea of Vespucci's mature appearance.

    It is known that Vespucci visited France, in his uncle's company, when about 24, and that his father intended him for a business career. He did engage in commerce, first in Florence and then in Seville in a Medici branch bank. Later, in Seville, he entered a mercantile partnership with a fellow Florentine, Gianetto Berardi, and this lasted until Berardi's death at the end of 1495.

    The Vespucci family was considered one of the most cultured and respected families of aristocratic Florence [Pohl 14]. To illustrate the states of the Vespucci family, in 1472 Amerigo's father commissioned the famous Renaissance painter, Domenico Ghirlandajo, to paint a family group for the wall of a church built by a member of the Vespucci family in 1383 [Pohl 14].

    Amerigo's uncle, Giorgio Antonio Vespucci, had a profound influence on the life of Amerigo [Pohl 15]. Giorgio was a canon, scholar, collector of manuscripts, and the owner of a library, which he gave to the Medici Family, who ruled Florence [Pohl 16]. About a year before Amerigo was born, Giorgio opened a school in his convent of San Marco for the sons of the principle nobles of Florence. As soon as Amerigo was of age to go to his uncle's school, he did [Lester 58]. Giorgio saw Amerigo as the man who would save the decimating fortune of the Vespucci family. Amerigo acquired a love for Virgil, Dante, and Petrarch, while he studied with his uncle; hence, Amerigo studied to perfect the language of scholars, Latin [Pohl 16]. Amerigo's uncle taught him in the physical sciences, especially in the teachings of Aristotle and Ptolemy, which included astronomy, cosmography, and geography; these fields would mold the career of Vespucci [Pohl 17-18].

    However, Amerigo's father, Ser Nastagio, had plans for his son to enter the commercial life, upon a mercantile career, where he would save the family's fortune [Pohl 18]. Ser Nastagio kept Amerigo in Florentine (as opposed to sending him to the University of Pisa) with the likes of other uneducated men, like Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare [Pohl 18]. The most learned scholar of geography in Florence was Paolo Toscanelli (1397-1482). Messer Paolo was a director of the library of the San Marco monastery, which Amerigo's uncle owned; therefore, Amerigo and Toscanelli almost certainly had contact with each other [Pohl 25]. Toscanelli was the greatest cosmographer of his time; he was also an avid map collector and map maker [Pohl 23]. Toscanelli had aspirations of sailing west to the Indies; so, he was undoubtedly the man who would plant the idea in Amerigo to sail westward [Pohl 25].

    SORRY, nothing on wife and children.

    The fact is that only him was of any relevance, not the family in the important matter of America.


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    Amerigo Vespucci For Kids

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    Nastagio Vespucci

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    Did Amerigo Vespucci ever get married and have children?

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