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Someone Please Translate don't know what language it is?


ti mne pozvonil v 11.30 ytra vo vtornik,

ya seichas na roboti, ne mogy otvet' telefon poto-chto BOSS okolo menya.

ya ne edy zshit v californe, sam srazy posle togo kogda ya poehala na buhodnoi k emy pogostit' on mne sleidyshei den' pozvonil i skazal chto bulo bu lychshe esli ya bu nachala zabotitsa za soboiv eto vremya.

eto bulo ochen' bol'no slushat' v to vremya srazy peret tem kak ya dolzshna bula tyda yehat'

no ov odnoi storone on bul prav, mne nado srochno nachat' shkoly i dvigotsya s zshizneuv v pravel'nou


ya hochu stol'ko dabitsya kak i ti

mne buvaet' ochen' slozshno, i ya teryau sebya vo vsem'

ya tebya lublu i mne pora delat' neskol'ko veshei dlya sebya :)

poprobyu pozvonit' posle raboti, okay , lublu tebya papa

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    You called me at 11.30 Tuesday morning, I am at work right now, I can't answer the phone right now because my boss is standing right next to me.

    I am not coming to live to California. I visited Sam this weekend and he called me right after and told me that from now on I should take care of myself by myself.

    It was very upsetting hearing something like that, especially at the time when I was planning on moving there.

    But in a way he is right, I should start my school right away, and live my life the right way.

    I want to become successful, just like you did.

    Sometimes, I am having a hard time, and keep loosing my way.

    I love you and it is the time for me to start living for myself.

    I will try to call you after work, okay, I love you Dad.

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    Probably Russian in a simplefied transcription. At the end "lublu tebya" (or rather "lyublyu tebya") means "I love you".

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    Russian - it's a letter (probably from a girl to her dad).

    Edit: And really, don't you have something more productive to do than snoop on your employees' email?

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    Looks like Finnish.

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    mmm looks like slovakian

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    it sounds like russian

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