information on the state of maryland?

what the state flag is & what the state bird is & the culture is of the state maryland

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    Maryland has 23 counties and Baltimore City. Schools, fire depts. and police are organized by county. The state has a great deal of diversity.

    Eastern shore - produce and chicken farming. Southern counties - tobacco. Western counties - coal mining. Central counties - Dairy farming. Chesapeake Bay - blue crabs and oystering as well as fishing. Eastern shore - tourism. Lots of military bases. Due to close proximity to D.C. lots of government offices and connections.

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    The Baltimore Oriole is the state bird. Here is a photo of it.

    The state flag was adopted in 1904. It's the only U.S. flag based on British heraldry. Read on:

    Check out this link for culture, look under history:

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    where is the state of maryland

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