Verizon to ATT Pic Messaging Not Working?

I have the Verizon Wireless Env2 and Some of My friends have cells with ATT. My Question:

How come I can receive there pics with no problem but Mine wont go threw on there phones?

It's very frustrating on both ends. Help or Suggestions Please!!

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  • mena
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    1 decade ago
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    When you run into problems like this, the best way to solve it is to start at the originator's phone. It's the same whether it's a voice call, text msg, or pic/video. Every phone company has employees that do this kind of tracing. They work off of "trouble tickets", and they will find where your message stopped, and they'll fix the problem. The process is the same regardless of who your cellular carrier is.

    1) You need to call the customer service department of the originator's phone.

    2) Tell them your pictures are not being delivered, and have them open a trouble ticket.

    3) Write down the trouble ticket number, and ask them where you can call for updates on your trouble ticket.

    4) Call them everyday and ask for an update on your ticket.

    5) Don't stop calling them every day. They may have a tendency to move slowly, but you can keep reminding them that they are charging you for this service (like picture messaging) everyday, and you NEED to have it fixed right away.

    Source(s): 15+ years in the cellular industry.
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    4 years ago

    i imagine of those contracts usually have a bunch of criminal jargon in them that translations to, that you're entitled to a diverse quantity of instantaneous messages and they are waiting to make stronger their expenditures, or cancel the settlement or despite the indisputable fact that in accordance to blah blah blah causes, which really no individual is uncomplicated with jointly with myself, except they impart regulation. yet, i imagine of AT@T can argue that you signed a legally binding settlement and for this reason haven't any bases for a lawsuit. yet positive you're waiting to sue. in spite of the reality that, there is an extremely sturdy that you'll now not win, simply by reality that you signed a settlement. So sorry, i do now not imagine of it would want to correctly be suitable properly worth some time to record a lawsuit.

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