What is the name of this playstation 1 rpg game? Read details!?

I only played the demo when it first came out a long time ago, but I remember you controlling 4 different characters to save a village from evil smoke that had come in from the ocean i believe. You controlled 4 characters in a final fantasy style of fighting and you had to fight monsters in the smoke while eventually reaching the center where you had to save this tree that was keeping the smoke away or something? I really would like to remember the name again so I can play it. Please help me.


That is not the game because i specifically remember playing it on the playstation and specifically rmember it not being a final fantasy game, thanks tho

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    Sounds a bit like Legend of Legaia. It includes the mists and monsters and trees that keep that mist at bay. The only problem I have with the description is that Legend of Legaia maxes at three characters and you didn't have them all at first.

    The battle commands consisted of selecting directions for each attack and if you strung the correct combination together you preformed a super attack.

    Check this link out and see if that is what you where thinking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_Legaia

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    final fantasy crystal chronicles

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    im with himcules

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    ^^^ Which is not a PS1 game

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