Vampire myths of Slovenia?

What are the beliefs/myths about vampires in the Slovenian culture?

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    Yes, of course, - we're part of Slavic mythology. People used to believe what is generally known for vampires: they are dead, they drink human blood, pale skin... but with some varieties. For example vampire can not only transfigure to a bat, but also into rats, black birds (usually owls or ravens) and black toads.

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    there are no vampire myths in Slovenia and they get annoyed by tourist asking about them. The Count Dracula was a warrior who impaled his Moorish captives much like the Romans crucified theirs, Possibly drinking their blood but no real evidence supports it.

    The German Bram Stoker wrote the novel Dracula, he was a wolf/werewolf not a bat, for profit. My favorite character was Renfield but the hero's friend was a Texan with a big knife made from a meteor.

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    they eat little children of the woods

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