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What job should I have in high school if i want to become an environmental engineer?

I am currently a senior in high school and next year I am going to college for environmental engineering. I was wondering what type of job i could do now in high school to prepare me somewhat in the area of the field.

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    Go to your local waste water treatment plant and try to talk to an engineer working there. Explain your situation and let him know your looking for experience. Not sure if they'll hire you because a lot of places like that hire co-op students from college who are learning some of the stuff in school. Or maybe if your lucky a teacher from your school (chemistry or biology most likely) may be doing research on a topic that may teach some things about environmental engineering. You should ask around and see if they need help if this is an option. There are also geotechnical engineering firms that may hire you such as Golder Associates. Your best bet is just to wait until college where you'll have plenty of time to gain job experience.

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