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I have a Starplus STS phone made by Vodavi. I just need to know how to forward calls to an outside phone. ?

I just started working at a real estate office and was kind of thrown into working w/ a new multi line phone. I've worked with a multi line phone before ,but I just don't know everything about this one and can't find a manual on it. Already tried calling customer support. I just need to know how to forward the phones to my bosses house phone number when I close the place down at night. Someone told me it was something like # 74 and then dial their number but that didn't work. Thanks for the help.

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    CF'ing is a typically a telephone company provided feature. It usually has nothing to do with the type of phone you have. In your case the Starplus STS is not a regular phone. You have a digital key system. I believe the Starplus system does have the capability to fwd call's internally, but typically it's still done via the telephone company. If the feature IS on there, it would mostly likely be on your main line. You would dial *72, listen for the dial tone to come back, then dial the # you wish to fwd the calls to. You might have to let the call complete before you hang up in order for the call forwarding to take affect. Your best bet is to call you local phone provider and ask them for directions on how to use their call FWD feature.

    Source(s): 10+ years telecom experience.
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    Starplus Sts

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