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How can we vote this into law?

I had a thought awhile back while our government was in the process of bailing out these "financial institutions". Lots of us American didn't particularly agree with this theory and thought it was a bunch of B.S.

Yet everywhere you turn you hear well "WE" do have a say in what goes on in our country. What a load of crap. Hey, here you vote a person into congress thinking that they know what's best for the country and then once there in there they do a one-eighty on you. And your standing there looking like an idiot with your mouth wide open and powerless to do anything about it. So this is my thought. Why can't WE the PEOPLE in this country of OURS make a law saying that something like this, the finacial instituations bail out for example has to be voted on state by state in this country by the American people, not congress not anyone except the people in this country. Why do we leave this kind of thing just up to our government? Why can't "we the people" have a real VOICE in this matter and be able to vote on it state by state? I think that would be much more fairer and much more "American".

I don't know about ya'll but I'm getting really tired of government officials screwing things up. We as a nation have more common sense then the people in Washington. And don't even go there about who it is we elect. When's the last time we really had anyone really good in the white house? And that really doesn't matter anyway its all about the congress and what they decide, right. Make the American people the spokes people of the country, that's what I say!!!! So how can we get this rolling is what I'd like to know, cause he|| I'm dealing with a relatively new semi blind governor in the state of NY that doesn't have a sense of humor about his blindness, and don't go there, how many times have comedians imitated Stevie Wonder and the way he acts and on Saturday night live and tons of other places? Anyway this man doesn't want to be poked fun of but yet he's looking to get passed a law called the obesity tax and tax regular soda. Yeah, no friggin kiddy. Tax regular soda, not diet mind you, just regular soda. Like soda makes people overweight, obesly overweight. How many of you have seen big, fat or obese people drinking "diet" soda. Ya many of you have right, well I have! So whats up with this? What a crock of

sh!t this is all becoming!!!!! Anyway wanted to vent about thisso tell me what you think about what I said. Any and all comments are welcome. Say whatcha gotta say you won't offend me. This is America, the last I knew we still had freedom of speech, right?

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    Two key issues.

    First the 2 party system realized that they could pretend to protect us from the other side by creating non-existent or grossly overblown stances on issues that defy all logic. Both parties have them. Even when they are defending an issue they often use a stance devoid of logic intentionally to create an easy hook for the opponents to use. Thus people become polarized and vote more against candidates than for them.

    A great example was I wanted to vote against EVERYBODY who voted in favor of the bail out plan in the last election. Small problem. The alternate in one race was far worse. I was able to vote against one supporter of the bail out plan by voting Libertarian in that race.

    2nd problem is we are a representive Democracy though it's time to take it a step farther and remove the representives from our law making process. First by banning lawyers from serving in Congress. It's a conflict of interest to let lawyers write laws. It's a large part of why nobody but a lawyer can understand them.

    Next all laws should go to popular vote. Forget Congress making these decisions, it's time we did so with our own votes. The Bail out bill, the Patriot act, the CDA, tons of bills have been passed that if American had known they existed would have NEVER made it into law. There's a ban on assault rifles coming up soon as Obama takes office. I doubt that could pass popular vote. Look at all the pork, you think that would sneak into bills if we got to vote on each of them? No way.

    The last reason they'll pass it is because they are paid to do so. The interests who paid the campaigns of these guys want that money even though it will cause inflation, destroy our budget and possible be just enough debt that even China will refuse or be unable to finance our deficet spending. If the US goes into default on it's debts that is a world crisis of major proportions and a real possibility because of all these bail outs. We have trillions already allocated and now the auto makers, various cities and other groups have their hands out. It's not going to work and the consequences of these bail outs are going to exacerbate the coming depression by several degrees. The only benefit is Bush gets to leave office before the recessions slides into depression.

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    You can't. That's the problem with representative democracy. You elect your representatives, who then do what they think is best. If they think that giving a trillion dollars to their best mate is what is best you have absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever.

    The only way to stop this would be to bring about real democracy, a system of government which only Switzerland uses. This will not happen short of a revolution, as the rich and powerful have too much to lose by it.

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    We have to stop electing total @ssholes to Congress. That's the only way we can change things

    Source(s): Obama is DANGEROUS!
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