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Can you get a headache form thinking too much?

This morning I was just reading a lot of articles on different people and psychology and stuff. Then my head was hurting because I was watching this interview on some actors and then I started to think while watching a movie and then I thought maybe I was tired so I did like 50 push ups then I got a bigger headache. So why do I actually have a headache?

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    Headache is the most frequent single complaint of modern times. Most commonly the causes are tension and muscle spasms in the neck, scalp, and jaw. Headache without any other associated symptoms is almost always caused by tension and flu is much more likely. Muscle aches and pain are seldom seen in meningitis. And good luck.

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    Thinking Too Much Headache

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    Absolutely! It happens to me after I have tried to read and study too much. It's the body's way of warning you to cool it. If you go past that warning sign, it develops into tension headaches. And THOSE last all day. Listen to the signs and stop. Give yourself the right amount of time to read something that you NEED to. When you read for leisure, the headaches don't happen as much. It's when the additional pressure of having to retain the information for retrieval later when you get the trouble.

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