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How Does One Play the "Pirate" Gift Exchange Game?

Our office is planning to have one but no will tell me how it's played. They say I have to WAIT until tomorrow then they will explain. I want to know NOW!

note - excuse me for the Caps, but I wanted to grab you alls attention.



I usually select a best answer right at the 4 hour mark but I have to wait until tomorrow to confirm submitted answers today.

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    It sounds like it's like the Gift "Steal" that we do. Everyone brings a wrapped gift for preselected amount. All the gifts are placed on a table and all participants draw numbers (same amount of numbers as gifts). The person with number 1 picks a present off the table and unwraps it for all the see. Number 2 then either picks a new present off the table or takes number 1's. If 2 picks from the table, 2 unwraps and shows. Number 3 can then pick from the table or from 1 or 2 and so on. If a person chooses to steal then he or she takes the gift from the person. The person who's gift was stolen gets to either steal from someone else (can't steal an item back) or pick a new gift from the table. We always play that you can only steal once and that a gift can only be stolen 5 times (depends on how many you have). So if you have stolen a gift and now yours is stolen you can only pick from the table. Your gift can be stolen many times, but you can only steal once. Hope that helps. It's fun!

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    Gift Exchange Games

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    The game is played when a bunch of presents are lined up and people are lined up with them. Each person takes a turn and can either choose to open their present or switch with someone else for a present that has already been opened or keep the one they have and open it. The game continues until all of the presents have been opened and chosen.

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