I want to to send a email to all members of Congress?

I want to send a email to all members of Congress, both Houses, both Parties. I do this often with my local represenatives/Senators, but i want to reach all of them with this one.

I suspect i know the answer, but does anyone know of a means to do that with out having to go to each individuals web site (which generally do not accept your email if you are outside their State)?

Any help would be appreciated

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    1 decade ago
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    I've worked with federal, state, and local legislators for 26 years.  They most certainly do read every piece of mail.  The reps themselves can't read everything, but staff people do read them.  The rep gets a daily summary of the mail.  What's more, when you write to your own rep, you will get a reply.Yes, really. Try it. It takes about a month and you may not like the answer but you will get one.Members of Congress have an agreement not to reply to anyone other than their own constituents.

  • 4 years ago

    I am 86 years old and in January 2015. “Obama Care cost me $58/mo. Because my Blue Cross went up $696/yr. Congress has done little for the or retired citizens who have worked all their lives paying into SSM and receiving COLA increases that are almost, or in some cases, completely consumed by the Medicare increases causing less SSM take-home income less than the previous year. I am on a very tight budget with fixed income.

    If SSM is to survive for future retirees then I believe the following should be implemented. I have an idea that would increase the take-home pay for all working citizens without any increase in taxation on their gross income and completely fund SSM at the same time.

    (1) Establish a 1% National SSM Sales Tax and reduce the FICA taken from workers pay checks, employers, and self-employed.

    Exclude all Home Sales & Purchases from this tax.

    The sales tax is to be used only for SSM and no other use.

    (2) Make the sales tax high enough to give the retired seniors a decent COLA increase along with medical benefits and stop taxing SSM. When Bill Clinton was President he raised the tax on SSM by “Means Testing” ones income from 50% to 85% and moving this 50%/85% of SSM into ordinary income causing a person to pay another tax on a tax. I believe this is against the law to double tax.


    The sales tax would capture the underground economy, all illegal activities, tourists, moonlighters, illegal residents, and everyone who purchase taxable items.

    It would also stimulate the economy by giving the workers a greater take-home pay and the employer would also have a larger cash reserve. This would give everyone an increase in their take home pay.

    The SSM tax revenue would be enormous plus the reduced FICA that is still being collected would be more than enough to fund SSM and a medical plan for all American Citizens.


    Bert A. Birch

    118 Currant Lane

    Vacaville, CA 95687-3122

    (707) 447-4499

    P.S. I know that sales tax is a regressive tax but what tax isn’t? A 1% to 2% tax seems reasonable. The extra 1% could be used as a Sunset” Tax to pay down the National Debt and eliminated when the National Debt is paid.

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    More Congressmen are using the "WriteRep" system where you must have a zip code from the district of the Congressman you want to write. Tip: Go to the Congressman's web site and get the zip code of one of their district offices, or get a zip code for any city.

    You'll have a problem trying to send a mass email because of "WriteRep". Enlist some friends to help and use guide lines at


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    1 decade ago

    You would be better off sending it through the mail. You can get their names and addresses from the senate and house's website. However, don't be surprised if you get a visit from some official to see if your a wacko. Not everyone tries to get in touch with hundreds of government workers without causing some red flag to go off.

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    Your right. They don't read or want to here from you. They will not read your email. Send it anyway.

    Hang a sign over your freeway. Get several people involved. What can I do to help? I know several freeway on ramps that I will post your message.

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    Good luck with that. I bet they don't even read the emails though. Our country is so corrupt.

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