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How was this "cheating" on gf?

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 9 months. She has a identical twin sister that, and to my understanding, they have always been at odds with each other. As a result, it is very rare that anyone would see them together.

Anyway, I went to a late night beach party, and while I was there, I bumped into my gf. I was initially surprised since she told me she was staying home because she wasn't feeling well, but I assumed she might have been feeling better. She seemed oddly more romantic than usual, hopping into my lap and suddenly wanting to make out. I just chalked it up to her having a few beers too many--not that I was complaining. Eventually into the night, we went off from everyone else and had sex.

Welllll...long story short, my "gf" actually turned out to be her twin sister. She found out about it from a friend who was there, and she immediately took her things and moved out. I told her I sincerely thought that her TWIN SISTER was her, but it doesn't seem to matter to her. She said "Why didn't you ask her questions only I would know so you could trip her up and discover the truth?" And I was like "I wouldn't think a sister would pull a dirty move like that! What am I supposed to do from now on, ask for verification and 2 forms of ID before sex?!?"

She still wants nothing to do with me cause she says just can't get over the images of me and her sister having sex, and that she just feels like everything has been ruined.

I don't think I cheated because I truly thought it was her! Or do the rules stay the same regardless?

And what can I do to fix things and win her back again?


Nature hugger: Actually, no, I hadn't personally met the twin...I knew about her, but hadn't actually met her in person in order to be able to notice anything different.

But yeah, there was something a bit off about the sex, but of course who would stop in the middle of it and ask questions?

Update 2:

pinkzzocran: Apparently you've never seen identical twins before. Before you go insulting and making judgements, why don't you learn to READ first--I said she hopped into my lap and wanted to start making out....not have a deep heart to heart discussion that would have given her away as the wrong girl. YOU are the dense one!

Go play with your baby blocks.

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    You didn't cheat...if they are THAT identical it was obviously a mistake. Give her some time to least a week. Her beef should be with her sister, not you. Write her a letter and stick it in one of those cheesy greeting cards...make it meaningful and send it to the mail. This may seem like an overkill but it should work. Tell her how you feel...women love to hear about guys' feelings. Get a little sappy in the card and especially the letter....let me know how it goes...and good luck!

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    Your The Victim Here

    The Victim of A Cruel Joke

    You Need to Be Really Romantic And Show Her Just How Much You Need Her (Basically Your Gunna Have To Fight For Her)

    Never Say Shes In The Wrong (Your Gf) But Explain How You And Her Were Both Tricked And That Shes The Only Girl You'd Ever Want In Your Life

    I Hope It Works Because This Is really Unfair On Your Part

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    had u ever met her twin before? other than her being more flirty did she dress different than ur girlfriend would? how did she act different than ur real gf..... if everything was identical i would understand how u thought it was ur gf, did things seem different when having sex? was there anything that would make u suspect this was the other twin.... this is a bad situation, make sure ur real girlfried was not looking for an excuse to dump u.... could ur girlfriend have set her sister up to do this to u to see what u would do? i can understand her being really hurt but i can also understand how this happened just apologize sincerely tell her u don't want to loose her and give her time to get over the shock of it and she might come around --goood luck

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    I feel bad for you. Your gf is being a b*tch. I mean, you made a sincere mistake. She should be furious at her sister, not you. Just talk to her. Maybe show her some of the answers you get on here, haha, to show her she's overreacting.

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    technicaly it was cheating cuz it wasn't ur gf but if u trully didnt know then i don't think se should blame u.

    She should be pissed at her sister for doing that.

    try explaining things to her.

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    I have to agree...that is funny.

    I'd be mad too. Just let her cool down. It's all up in the air now.

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    just tell her

    like "i thought it was you(your girl) not your sister! i am sorry i was having bad mistake about i thought it real was you not your sister i don't like your sister so please undestand it"

    your girl and her sister should have same face?

    tell your girl that you loves her not her sister!

    just real loud yelling in the world that YOU LOVES (YOUR GF'S NAME)

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    DUDE!!. . . . . .WOW!!. . . . . I thought stuff like that only happened on T.V. No advise but it does sound like it was all the sisters fault

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    thats what happen when your dating a twin

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    her sister should be the one in the dog house not you.....

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