When and where is urine formed?

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where does it go after it is formed, I am looking for an explanation of the urine pathway! Thanks!
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  • S M answered 5 years ago
Urine is formed in the kidneys, specifically by the renal tubules in the kidneys. It drains into the renal pelvis (think of this like a collecting pool of the urine as it comes out of the kidneys). This drains down the ureters to the bladder (the next big collecting pool). This drains out of your body through the urethra.

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straight to the point! thanks- just what I needed
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  • mrs.corneilus thomas answered 5 years ago
    urine is produced in the kidneys. the kidneys act as filters to the blood removing waste that accumulates in our bloodstreams. urine consits mostly of water, urea and ammonia. The body also releases white cells, bilirubin (red blood cells) , small amounts of protien, epithelial cells, Creatnine among other constituents. Urine high in protien can show deficinces within the workings of the kidneys whilst large amounts of bilirubin can show traces of liver disease. Luecocytes and nitrates which are byproducts of bacterial cell death can be a tell tall sigh of a urinary tract infection. A UTI affects more men than women as women have a urethra of only 4cm (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside) and males have a urethra of up to 20cm. Urine is not produced as you urinate it is actually made in the kidneys then excreted via the ureters into the bladder. The average volume of a human bladder can be around 300mls, at that point you will feel like you need to visit the loo.
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  • pinto.jordan answered 5 years ago
    in the pepe hole
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