How was a roller skate key used on roller skates?

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    The old roller skates that fit over a shoe had an adjustable foot and an adjustable toe clamp. A leather strap in the back came across the front of the ankle and buckled to the outside of the foot.

    The foot length was adjustable by means of two sliding pieces secured by a bolt and nut. To length or shorten the foot, the nut was loosened and tightened with the nut wrench end of the skate key, The other end of the key had a square fitting that fit over the worm gear end of the toe clamps and loosened or tightened the clamps.

    The entire skate could be taken apart by means of the one skate key. Sometimes we used the two pairs of wheels to make orange crate scooters!

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    How was a roller skate key used on roller skates?

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    They were metal frame skates, and you used the key to adjust the size of them as far as I can remember.

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