New wow pvp gear?? when is the lvl 80 battleground gear gona drop?

still waiting on new world of warcraft lvl 80 pvp gear? any1 know a date? send a link if possible,

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    1 decade ago
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    you can already receive the new hateful chest, gloves, and leggings in the 10 man wintergrasp raid dungeon. it is a very easy fight and can be pugged by anyone.

    you can collect the deadly chest, gloves, and leggings from the 25 man wintergrasp raid dungeon. again very easy and puggable

    keep in mind that there is a very small chance of you getting the gear at all. so some people dont get their pvp set started.

    lucky for you, the new arena season will start today at around11pm PST and after you download the latest patch, and all new pvp gear will be available for purchase assuming you have the requirements to purchase them.

    edit: i am not sure but i think a few weapons drop in 25 man also. not 100% so dont get your hopes up

    hope i helped =)

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