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    Because submits a piece of writing for publication to need English abstract, the questionnaire English master helps translator, the original text to be as follows--Under the cause opportune moment, stepped into the faculty nursing domain, also has opened road which of the training this must complete. After the classroom teaching curriculum, in the surgical nursing, critically ill have nursed, the oncologic nursing as well as the neurosurgery department faculty nurse the teacher practice training and so on, altogether more than 900 hour's training programs, 箇 the taste only then has experienced the human can realize! I thought that anybody will be impossible to forget that section will remember with eternal gratitude day. Wraps a Macarthur General had said a few words: “if 1,000,000 is called me for me to receive training again one time, I 絕 do not comply; But takes 1,000,000 trade my this section of training period the recollection, I also 絕 do not want!”Finally, in startled inundated in the wild waves to complete all training program, and passed that not to prepare the scope the written examination, as well as made one be thrown into confusion, the intelligence quotient only to be left over 1/10 oral exam, attained that to come not the easy card to illuminate. Thanks nursing department all levels of senior official's urge urges on with the supervision encouragement, as well as the partners liberal with diligently shares together and encourages, with the family member support silently, this time receives training to experience sincerely the achievement to share with the fellow colleagues.

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