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我對莎翁的了解並不多,但我很喜歡莎士比亞筆下的愛情故事,像是羅密歐與茱麗葉、第十二夜以及仲夏夜之夢。莎翁的愛情故事令人嚮往,男女主角愛得轟轟烈烈,為愛在所不惜的樣子,讓人感受到愛情的力量是多麼的偉大,好像真愛是可以永遠不變、永遠保持它美麗的樣子。以羅密歐與茱麗葉來說,男女主角愛得熾熱、愛得癡狂,不顧雙方家族的世仇,堅持在一起,雖然最後私奔不成,反而在陰錯陽差之下,雙雙自殺身亡,但是他們的愛永遠停留在最美好的時刻,也意外地化解雙方家庭的仇恨。我不相信這世上有永恆的真愛,那就像在大海裡撈針一樣,微乎其微. 但是如果這世上的愛情都能像莎翁筆下的愛情那樣美好,那麼,或許這世界會變的很十分美好。

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    My knowledge of Shakespeare is not very great, but I like his love stories which were written by him, for instance, Romeo and Julia, The Twelfth Night and Midsummer Night's dream. Shakespeare's love stories make people to yearn for romantic love. The love between leading man and leading woman startle even the universe. They seem that they can sacrifice everything for love, and let people feel how great the love is. It looks like the true love can't be changed forever, and can keep its beautiful appearance. As far as Romeo and Julia concerned, both leading roles' love is blazing and crazy. They don't care feud between two families, and insist to love each other. Although they do not succeed in runway, due to all sorts of accidental mishaps cause they both suicide and die. However, their love story at the moment is the most beautiful, and these two families' enmities were reconciled by accident. I don't believe forever true love really exists in the world and the chance is very little just like to find a needle in the sea. Nevertheless, if the love in the world was as beautiful as Shakespeare's writing; maybe hence the world will become very peace and beautiful.

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    Although my understanding of Shakespeare is not much, I like the famous love stories written by him. For instance, Romeo and Juliet, The Twelfth Night and Midsummer Night's dream. Shakespeare's love stories always make people yearn for grand and spectacular love like the one between leading man and leading woman. It seems that they can sacrifices for love, making people feel the great power of love. It appears that true love is forever changless, and can last forever, keeping its' beautiful appearance. As for Romeo and Juliet, the love betweenthe leading roles is fervid and crazy. They even disregard the family feud between the two clans, insisting on loving each other. Although they didn't succeed in elopement, due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, they both suicided and died. Nevertheless, their love is beautiful forever. Besides, all the animosity between these two families was reconciled by this incident. I don't believe that eternal true love really exists in the world. The probibility is very little, just like looking for a tiny needle in the wide sea. However, if every love in the world is as beautiful as Shakespeare's stories, then, the world may become very beautiful.

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