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國際透明組織調查全球180個國家的貪腐印象指數,台灣排第39名,名次創下歷年新低,所謂貪腐印象指數(Corruption PerceptionIndex,CPI)係根據各國商人、學者與國情分析專家,對一國公務人員與政治人物廉潔認可的評價,台灣在過去的排名一直在25至35名之間。






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    國際透明組織調查全球180個國家的貪腐印象指數,台灣排第39名,名次創下歷年新低,所謂貪腐印象指數(Corruption PerceptionIndex,CPI)係根據各國商人、學者與國情分析專家,對一國公務人員與政治人物廉潔認可的評價,台灣在過去的排名一直在25至35名之間。

    Transparency International survey of 180 countries in the global corruption index impression that Taiwan ranked 39, saw the low ranking, the impression of the so-called corruption index (Corruption Perception Index, CPI) in accordance with national businessmen, academics and expert analysis of the situation, One country, civil servants and politicians recognized the honest assessment of Taiwan's ranking in the past have been between 25-35.


    Civil servants and politicians of corruption, caused by a variety of adverse consequences from the international level, the national image of the poor people to lose face. In addition, domestic public's trust in the public service sector is extremely low; it is very difficult to carry out. Related research has also pointed out that corruption will be reduced national productivity, loss of competitiveness, economic growth, reduction of national income. Finally, if the hospitals involved in corruption or clean drinking water, in poor countries, the extent possible between life and death.


    Has been eagerly looking forward to the political parties in power, did not expect a short period of eight years, in return for the international media corruption on the country's poor comments. Corruption is the biggest influence to corrupt the ethics and character formation, distorted social values; also victims of the contemporary. Therefore, anti-corrosion action to take action immediately.


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    The international transparent organization investigates the corruption and degeneration impression indexes of 180 countries in the world, Taiwan arranges the 39th place, the place creates the new low point over the years, the impression index of so-called corruption and degeneration (Corruption PerceptionIndex, CPI) Analyse experts according to businessman, the scholar and national conditions of various countries, to one country's government functionary and political personage's honest appraisal approved, Taiwan had been between 25 to 35 all the time in the past rank.

    The corruption and degeneration of government functionary and political personage, evil consequences caused are in many aspects, looking from the international aspect, the national image is bad, the people have unglazed face. Moreover, domestic people have extremely low trust on the public affair department, it is difficult to pursue the government affairs naturally. Relevant research point out too, corruption and degeneration will reduce the productivity of the national power, lose the competitiveness, hinder the development in economy, cut down the national income. Finally, when corruption and degeneration involve the hospital or the clean drinking water, within the territory of the poverty-stricken country's home, may concern life and death to a certain extent.

    Once guided the rotation of ruling Parties that the neck expected, the ones that have never expected in short eight years, but corruption and degeneration ran a country on bringing the international media are commented maliciously. The greatest influence of corruption and degeneration is to ruin the ethics and personality and take shape, twist the social values; Also make contemporary people injured. Because their, antiseptic action that stamp out corruption must take action immediately.

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