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what does jane volturi look like?

what do you think she looks like?

my sister says that i look like her.. but im not sure

i have reddish brown hair or auburn about and inch below my shoulder that is straightish and wavyish

i have a somewhat round face with full lips and pale skin

im 13-14 years old but only 5 ft.

im kinda petite.

also my friend says that i can pass as a 6th grader but that's her opinion.....

email me for a pic...if u want....

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    Jane is short like Alice with lank pale brown hair trimmed short. She has wide eyes and full lips. Quoting New Moon, she would make a Botticelli angel look like a gargoyle. And she, obviously, has dull crimson eyes. I think she looks like a 12 year old and is very beautiful and young. Pretty sure.

    I will email you and let you know if you do.

    I know you didnt ask this but I think that someone perfect for Jane is Dakota Fanning. I think she would be the perfect actor to play Jane in the next three movies ( Although I haven't seen your photos yet so maybe you could...) She has a very evil smile. Just like Jane would. Check her out on IMBd. The pictures of her in the black dress are the best. There she looks very Jane-ish. She's perfect. Seriously, check out her new photos. Very Jane-ish.

    Good luck! Thanxz<3

    Source(s): I am a twilighter...I memorize these things...<3 The link is to check out Dakota Fanning.
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    Jane is short, 4 foot something, brownish hair, red eyes...

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    jane is short. pale. deadly stare.

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