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How do I create a website for a small buisness?

along with this I'd like to know if anyone knows anything about creating one through yahoo.... don't want to spend alot of money on a website.

also... what is webhosting? do you need it?

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    First try to figure out what people will search for to find site like yours. Use keyword research tools to figure what people use for search term. Examples might be best blue widget. Thier will be mutiple terms look for ones with less sites listed in search and good amount of traffic.

    Next you need domain name. You can find mutiple sites in search make sure to have mutiple search terms for your site. You will use one to make domain name like best-blue-wdgets .com. You might have to search mutiple times to find a domain name with keywords you want. Alot of good ones are taken already so try to find unique short easy to remember one.

    Next you should find a hosting provider. Some have on web site builders that make it easy to make site. Others need you to upload pages you make on own.

    Do research on how to build site and meta tags and keywords. Learn all you can from free forums about websites and search engine marketing.

    Most domain names and hosting accept credit cards some take paypal also. Take your time figure out good domain name and work out what site will look like. Then register domain name and get hosting. The next part is search engine optimization and submitting site to search engines and directories.

    It is alot of work but can be profitable if done right.

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    Try Blink Web or Wix, their easy to manage free website (or blog) has cool features that include drag and drop capability, switch designs on the fly, youtube and google video, custom html, upload images, flikr photo gallery, visitor stats and more. You can also buy a new domain instantly, or host your existing domain for free and make it your own (

    If your looking for something more advanced but still user friendly then try Homestead, Easy Site Build, XSitePro or Sitebuilder Designs, they have everything you need in building your own website: domain name registration or domain transfer, web hosting, web builder, site maintenance and email accounts. Everything is laid out in an easy to follow step by step instruction. Some of the features included enable you to add your own themes, videos, images or mp3 music making your site unique to you. Pricing is comparable and affordable too.

    Sorry don't know about Yahoo Site Builder and web hosting is where your website will sit and yes you will need it for your website to be on the internet. Hosting gives you space, email accounts, bandwidth etc.

    I hope that I was of some help and answered your question.

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    A web host is a server that is connect 24/7 and displays your website when someone types in the URL.

    The easiest way for a novice to build a web site is to start with a web template. Web Templates can be customized and you can use the layout but swap the graphics etc.... this will get you comfortable with basic HTML design and an HTML editor (like Dreamweaver).

    Here are some resources for free or inexpensive templates that are easy to edit and manage.

    Webmaster Templates -

    Free Web Templates -

    Web Design Elements -

    Free Website Templates -

    Free Layouts -

    Free Templates Online -

    HTML website templates can significantly ease the burden of designing and creating websites by providing webmasters with a ready-made web layout, structure, basic graphics, and color scheme.

    The templates can generally be edited and customized with any HTML editor. The biggest advantage for webmasters using ready-made templates is the amount of time that can be saved.

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    Well forget web designers, they charge too much money. Try programs like coffeecup, dreamweaver or webcreator pro 4. It depends on the complexity of you small business if you need forms to upload files, shopping carts, paypal etc. Designing the website is one thing but first you need to register a domain name eg.

    then you need web hosting which is what allows you to show content on your website.

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    What is your estimated budget and what is your requirement? Based on that you can come to a good decision. You can register a domain as little as 1.99 from yahoo for the first year..

    Look at .. very simple site.. but not having any thing high tech..

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    Ebay has great low cost turn key websites.

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