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Who founded New York?

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    Actually it would be the Lenape tribe of Indians.

    Giovanni da Verrazzano 'discovered' the Lenape in 1524

    The Dutch began settling there in 1614

    in 1626 The leader of the Dutch colony, Peter Minuit, paid the Lenape 60 guilders in exchange for Manhattan island. Adjusted for inflation this would be just a little over $1000. Its a myth that the payment was glass beads or a song.

    1664 the city was conquered by the English who named it "New York" in honor of the Duke of York.

    So the 'founding' of "New York" proper would probably have to be credited to the English. But credit for the the original settlement of the area goes to the Lenape tribe.

    Note, you can't credit the Dutch at all unless you also credit the Lenape who settled and were ousted in similar way as the Dutch; but were as such first at it so you can't credit the Dutch.

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    New York City would be the Dutch, the city was formerly known as New Amsterdam. Most of the time we think of the English, French, and Spanish as being the colonizers of North America, but the Dutch also had a presence, but were pushed out by the other powers. The rest of New York state was founded by French woodsmen, and British explorers. Before control of the east coast of north America changed hands from British rule, to independent American control much of western new york, and the Appellations were considered wilderness, and were actually declared off-limits as "Indian Territory" by the British. Once America gained its Independence, the U.S. government often caved to public pressure, opening these territories up to exploration, settlement, and the ever growing endeavor towards "Manifest Destiny".

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    In 1624, the first permanent settlers from Holland, chiefly French-speaking Walloons, arrived at Manhattan Island on the "New Netherland" under the Dutch West India Company. In 1626, Peter Minuit, director-general of New Netherland, purchased Manhatten Island from the Indians for $24 and founded New Amsterdam.

    In 1664, New Netherland surrendered to the English with the fall of New Amsterdam, which was re-named New York in honor of the Duke of York.

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    The Dutch.

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