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Colombia's Third Theme of Geography!?

I'm doing a project on Colombia and I'm stuck at the third theme of geography which is Human Environment Interaction. I need a positive and negative way that people have changed the environment ; like a cause and effect type of thing only the positive is the cause; and the negative is the effect.

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    Negative - Human induced deforestation has substantially changed the Andean landscapes and is creeping into Amazonia and into the Pacific region of Choco. Major causes of deforestation are linked to illegal coca production with annual forest losses of around 120.000 ha and to the conversion of tropical lowland forests to oil palm plantations.

    Positive - Colombia has developed an eco-tourist industry mostly in the National Natural Parks of Colombia which include the areas of Amacayacu Park in the Department of Amazonas, Colombian National Coffee Park in the town of Montenegro, Quindío, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Los Nevados National Park.

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    area: communicate approximately actual area. lat/long. the way it impacts the climate, etc. place: communicate why the area of colombia is significant to the persons who stay there. the place are the significant places in colombia? are there landmarks, monuments, temples? examine the belief of place for greater concepts. area: regularly a descriptive theory. what does the area appear as if? who lives there? circulation: discover out which cities all people is transferring to, and why. it incredibly is termed urbanization. human/env interaction: the place do people placed their rubbish? the place do they get their water? are they scaling down forests? how do people exchange the panorama, and how does the panorama impression how people stay? desire this permits!

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    i think it might help if it doesnt just google it

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