Can you add to the list of the creators of drama for Barack Obama?

-Bill Ayers

-Rod Blagojevich

-Rev Wright

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    List of the Creators of Drama for Barack Obama:

    1. James "Yousef" Yee: Former Army Muslim Chaplain at Guantanamo; was charged with espionage while serving there.

    2. William Ayers: Weatherman Underground bomber; unrepentant domestic terrorist; Member of the Communist Party, USA; early mentor to Obama.

    3. Jeremiah Wright: Black Liberation militant.

    4. Tony Rezko: Corrupt Financier, ties to Terror Financing.

    5. Louis Farrakhan: Nation of Islam Leader; racist; anti-American.

    6. Hamas Terrorist Organization: Islamic terror organization.

    7. Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades: Islamic terror organization.

    8. Raila Odinga: Fundamental Islamic candidate (Kenya); Obama’s Cousin.

    9. Daniel Ortega: Marxist Sandinista Leader (Nicaragua.)

    10. Raul Castro: Hard-line Communist Leader; Communist Party, Illinois (US Communist Political Party.)

    11. Socialist Party, USA: Marxist-Socialist political party.

    12. Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi: Libyan dictator (he said that Obama should be proud of his Muslim heritage.)

    13. The New Black Panther Party: Black Militant Organization; anti-American; racist.

    14. Hugo Chavez: Socialist president (i.e. dictator.)

    15. Ahmed Yousuf: Hamas’s top political adviser in the Gaza Strip.

    16. George Soros: Has vowed to redefine America; DSA (Democratic Socialists of America.)

    17. Rashid Khalidi: Former PLO functionary who took a job at Columbia University.

    18. Rod Blagojevich: Illinois Govenor; arrested for trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat (among countless other charges of corruption.)

    19. Bill Richardson: New Mexico Governor; Obama's appointed Secretary of Commerce; currently being investigated by a federal grand jury for a bond deal scheme which has landed Larry Langford (Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama) with federal solicitation charges.

    LOL. He has lots of friends.

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    Rahm Emanuel

    Jesse Jackson Jr

    Antoin "tony" Rezko

    Allison Davis

    Raghuveer Nayak

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    Fact is, no matter how many we add... and how many gangstas are in the shadows still, BO manages to get himself out of the cloud and fly solo, thanks to the anal exam the media is performing on him every single time. He's the president elect of the liberal media, ladies and gents. Add media to the list. A bunch of corrupt neocons that never cared about the people in the first place.

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    The Black Panthers

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    Oprah fatty

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    Don't forget the clinton's

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    Yeah, kind of like the Bush's and the Bin Laden family huh?

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    No. Only right wing conservatives can make upthat type of fabricated drama . . no one else. You are the creation of Fox news entertainment.

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