the sims 2 pc game no expansion pack ?

are there any websites where i can download objects and such that will download directly to my game. i just don't know how else to do it....thanks sooo much

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    Everything there is scanned to be virus and hack free, unless of course it specifically states that it is a game hack or mod. It is the only site I trust 100%

    When you set up your account, you can have the site show you only items that are compatible with your configuration of expansion packs, or lack of expansions.

    If you download and install the custom content correctly 99%+ of the items there will work. The basics are as follows

    Only get items that are compatible with your games. If the item requires Pets, but you don't have Pets, don't get it! It can seriously mess up your game at worst, or at best, just not show up in-game.

    Custom Content must be placed in the correct folder

    My Documents / EA Games / Sims2 / Downloads

    Putting CC in your Program Files or on your desktop will not work.

    Custom content must be extracted. Putting .zip or .rar files in the Downloads folder will not work, you must un-compress those files.

    Most files when uncompressed will be .package files, but sometimes they will be Sims2Pack files. Sims2Pack files will have a round blue icon with a person or house in the middle. These are most often complete sims, or lots. You must double click on the blue icon to get those files to install.

    Sometimes custom content requires a separate file called a mesh to be downloaded as well. Creators should make a note of that, and provide a link. (Custom content showing up as the same default clothing or hair style often means you did not get the required mesh)

    The guide below has more complete instructions on installing custom content.

    Additionally, be extremely careful about getting anything from the Exchange on the official website. The objects there are fine, as they are made by Maxis, but I would not trust any of the sims, and certainly not the houses. Anyone can upload anything and they are not checked for hacks. You could easily download something that you don't know about or want, and it could really mess with your game.

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    There are plenty but you need something to unzip them and unrar them with. Like winrar and camunzip. try the sims exchange at and for starters. They will have plenty of things for just the base game.

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