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Why is the concept of "race" important to so many people? ?

Maybe I have a biased opinion because I'm tri-racial (African, Spanish, and Native American)

But why do lots of ppl think race is so important? Is it important to you?

I believe that there is only one race; the human race.

Race is about man's adaptability to climate and altitude conditions.

In Dr. Ron Smothermon's book, " Winning Through Enlightenment", in the chapter on racism, he says, " Mankind has played a cruel joke on itself by exercising the ability to adapt skin color to climatic conditions. There are certain areas of the world where the intensity of sun exposure renders survival difficult for "white-skinned" people. Man, the consummate survivor, naturally figured out a way around being fried the sun. Merely disperse the melanin pigment of the skin evenly, and develop a bit more of it, and presto!

Automatic protection from the sun.

Nature did this much. The mind of man did the rest. Of course, skin color isn't the only physical characteristic humanity uses to divide itself, but it serves admirably to demonstrate the principle. Biologically speaking, there is no "race".

Race is a false concept invented by the mind of man for the purpose of dominating and manipulating others. The specific location of "race" within the mind is in that part known as "belief systems". A belief exists that there is a "natural" division of people. Resting on this belief is a system of justification making it OK to segregate some from others. Further justification makes it OK to think of the other race as naturally inferior or naturally "red-necked", or whatever. Both of these are positions or "points of view".

All which leads to the mistreatment of people, the root of which is a mind condition, namely, a belief. This belief is so ingrained that from many people there is no such thing as questioning it. It is a perfect example that the mind defines and shapes what we ordinarily think of as reality. None of us are above it. You do it too. Even you.

The ultimate truth about "race" is, : THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

^imo from a message bard.

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    its cultural differences. and mine is extremely important to me because for hundreds of years there have been people trying to destroy my culture and language and beliefs.

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    It's human nature to put things into categories, espeially people. That's why race is important to a lot of people. They feel out of control and the only way to control their environment is to put people in categories and say that everyone has their place.

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    yup, "races" don't exist within humans. youre right, there is only the human race. And i believe the other things are ethnicities. i dont know why people mind them:/. i personally dont care about them.

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