Hey R&P, Have You Heard About This Great New Band I Found Called Pink Floyd?

Their music is really out there. In a good way, of course. Some members include Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and David Gilmore and they have hits such as "Comfortably Numb" and "Wish You Were Here". They just came out with a new album called "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn". And I must say, the album is amazing and worth a listen to. It really sounds like they have a lot of staying power...I wonder if they will be listened to 30 years from now....well, give it a listen to, who knows, after a while, maybe they will grow on you and become your favorite band : ) Tell me what you think of 'em ; )

Here's Comfortably Numb...I really like it...it's too bad that so many people don't know about this song...


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Again, what do you think of this great new band I found?

*And, have you heard of any great new bands yourself?*


Hey Shred! Yeah, they are pretty good!! I was surprized!! lol

Update 2:

Hey Underoath groupie!! Oh, whoops, I meant FFAF!! LOL jk...

Update 3:

Whooooosh!!! Thats the sound of this question going over a few people's heads : )

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    That was rather good, actually. it's a shame more people don't get into them, i'm pretty certain they would have made it big. Hey, do you think they're on itunes? It's gonna be so cool showing this to the guys! lol... you make me laugh.

    Yuppers, Pink Floyd are up there in my top 10 favourite bands! My favourite song of theirs is see Emily play (not just because that's my name!), though you have inspired me to listen to The Great gig in The Sky, haven't heard it in a while. I love Pink Floyd, i mean, how can you not enjoy Comfortably Numb? It's a total legend song of all time legends, is it not?

    Anyway, i'm real kinda sad today, 'cause after months of fundraising and stuff, we just haven't got enough money for the whole Switzerland trip. i really thought we were there, but with the whole credit crunch stuff going on, no-one can afford, so they've all slowly dropped out, and we've finally decided to call it a day. Though, we're definitely going next year, gonna put away this money an save it for July 2010. =,[

    I was looking about yesterday, and found this song by some guy... John Lennon, or something? I dunno... It was kinda good!


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    Wow! You are the Rock and Pop Goddess!!

    You must have really had to dig deep to find this Pink Floyd thing. You have my undying respect!

    And by the way

    Which one's pink??

    I also found a new band you all might want to check out. It's called Like a Rolling Stone. Oh no - that's a new song by that Bob Dylan fellow. Don't think he will last long. Oh the other band is The Rolling Stones. Skinny little guy does the vocals... I think they are from England or somewhere. Not sure.

    Meanwhile I think those Beatles guys may catch on. I love their rad hairdos and fine suits.

    And that Led Zeppelin band. They were named because they were told they were going to go over like a lead zeppelin (lead balloon). So they are doomed for sure!

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    Pink...Floyd...?? HUH?! Nope sorry i have no idea what you're talking about! I'll give them a few months before they fade into obscurity...at the most!!

    Comfortably Numb...hmmm nah im not so sure, its not like thats the most amazing guitar solo EVER or anything! NO way! ;)

    OH YEAH that reminds me, about five seconds ago i discovered this great new band called Queen. Give them a listen? I dont think they have many fans, so you would probably be doing them a favour! ;)

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    Yes, Pink Floyd. The Greatest Band Ever!!

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  • H.
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    1 decade ago

    Comfortably Numb has what I think, is the greatest guitar solo ever. It's definitely in my top three.

    Have you heard of Black Sabbath? I've never heard anything as heavy and dark as this before. I can't really find a genre to describe them. It's great to see a band doing something new and different.

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    -Pink- Floyd?! What a retarded name! What is a Floyd? Or is it a person? And why is it/he/she 'pink'? Makes no sense.

    I give them five months.

    And yeah, apparently there's this band called The Beatles (they're a bit slow on the uptake, too--misspelling 'beetles' and whatnot). Anyway, they sound like they're copying The Monkees if you ask me. I give it a year before the one named Ringo goes postal and takes out the whole lot before offing himself. What kind of name is 'Ringo', I mean? Sounds like the guy you work with--the one you're nice to only because you don't want him to kill you when he finally does decide to come to work with a shotgun.

    What is going on with this music scene? My only comfort is knowing that fifty years from now, music will have been perfected. And while we're all flying around in our compact hover cars, we won't be forced to listen to this Lead Zeppelin shite.

  • Flora
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    4 years ago

    Pffft! Nobody will remember those punks in thirty years! 30 years succeeding: Boy, was I wrong. Anyways, some of the more 'current' bands I enjoy include the Beatles, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and Cream.

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    I think I went to grammar school with his brother

    Pretty Boy(Whitey) Floyd. This Rock and Roll thing well never last.

    Now Tiny Tim, Sort of the solo version of New kids on the Block, That's entertainment

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah ! What a great find ! I've never ever heard of that band. Thanks for getting me into some new music. Awesome ! And yeah, I found this other great band they're called The Beatles and they pretty much rock, they are from England and pretty much super awesome- gotta check them out !

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    I love the Comfortably Numb solo. It is even better on the the live PULSE CD.

    I have heard of many good bands. Bang Camaro is pretty good.

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