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Nascar Racing Jackets?

Ok, im a little confused about alot of the comments ive seen about Black people and Nascar Jackets. Im a black guy and I wanna know why would it upset anyone if I wear wear my nascar jacket??? Im not gonna lie, I really dont watch nascar that much, and im not a huge fan, But I really do like the different styles that they come in....Has anyone seen another black guy wearing one or do you have any input???


Ok you all made me feel better about wearing my #3 dale sr. jacket

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    Here in New Orleans they have a lot of black dudes that wear Nascar jackets and it doesn't bother me . They can wear whatever they want even if they aren't into racing .I can't see why any one would care ,it's a free country. They even have a guy around here with #24 decals on his Monte Carlo and I talked to him and he said he wasn't into Nascar but he just like the way it looks .

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  • Jeff C
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    I as a NASCAR fan, do not have any problem with African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc etc etc wearing NASCAR jackets. So what if they do or don't know anything about the sport.

    If they like the look then more power to 'em. If anything it broadens NASCAR's image to a wider market and demographic. I think it's a good thing for the sport not negative. Who knows maybe someone who wears a jacket, not knows much about it, will join us here on Nascar Nation to learn more. Just an opinion as always. My buddy (African American) loves my jackets but hates the sport....but he likes the style. No harm in that.

  • I answered a similar question. No one answered negatively so I don't know where you would get that it "upset" anyone.

    My answer was that I work in a big city and I see a lot of black people wearing NASCAR jackets...though the ones I have spoken to are fans of NASCAR I am sure there are others who are not who just like the style or the colors or the warmth. They are great jackets!!!

  • Flora
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    4 years ago

    Believe it or not... A lot of the Truck Stops sell the NASCAR jackets, and usually at a discount. Just a little ride out to Ontario, I'm pretty sure you can find some at the T/A Truck Stop. Call first though. The black Budweiser one sounds like a "specialty item". You might have to order that one online. You could also check your sporting goods places like The Sporting Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, Champs, etc. I know they all sell NASCAR apparel. Good luck with your search.

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    I don't have a problem. There used to be a black store in my mall and they had nascar jackets for $170 but in the nascar store they had the same jacket for $100.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah I seen a Black Dude wear a Jeff Gordon Pepsi Jacket

    Theres no problem with a black dude wearing a NASCAR jacket. As Long as they don't burn it. I'm half Asian and a Huge NASCAR fan. Theirs nothing wrong with it.

    NASCARS in my blood

    NASCARS in my mind

    NASCARS in my heart

    True Fan = Dedication

    Straitedge Kidd Has that

  • Anonymous
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    I wear it because it's the style. I hate nascar but the jackets are awesome

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    I don't usually pay attention to who is wearing a NASCAR item, I look at the item first. It doesn't make a bit of difference to me what color the person is who is wearing it. Even if you aren't the biggest NASCAR fan around, if you like the jacket, then wear it proudly.


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    I see it all the time at work(I work in a high minority area), and it really doesn't bother me that much. Hell there's even one who drives an Intimidator Edition Monte Carlo(actually doesn't look too bad on 22's either, I do draw the line on old E-Bodies with 28's though).

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    My cousin is in an inter-racial relationship, her boyfriend doesn't really like NASCAR all that much, but he has Clint Bowyer Jack Daniels jacket. No biggie..

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