guy # 1 or guy # 2.. ( 10 PTS)! =)?

NO. 1

extremely attractive

little older

very caring ad nice

meets me 2-3 times a week

Family friend's son.

any girl would love him, but he likes me! =)

No. 2

in my school, meets me in lunch and at mornings.

very handsome

never talked but we look at each other a lot.

different religion and i dont know much abt him

but i am very attracted to him and he is a very nice guy.


please answer! i am 17, if that helps!


thanks guys, the thing is No.1 is downright perfect! i am just average pretty! so i feel , what if he realizes that later?

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    Well, there's pros and cons to both.

    NO. 1 sounds like he'd be a good match for you, but if things didn't work out then there could be a rift in the families friendship. But, if things did work out then you all could be one big happy family together- babies, weddings, Christmas pie, etc. (eventually of course).

    NO. 2 is a good choice because if things didn't work out you could always dump him and it wouldn't be that big of a deal. If you choose NO. 2 then NO. 1 might feel rejected, though.

    Which one do you like the most? That should give you the answer to your question. Hypothetically, if nothing ever went wrong who would you go out with? My guess is NO. 1. Go for it.

    EDIT: Go for NO. 1 definitely. I forgot about you two being different religions. Believe it or not that can be a big deal. Have you been to the religion and spirituality section here at Y!A? It's craaaaaaaaaazy the way religion is such a big deal...but it is. Go for NO. 1 and don't look back.

    EDIT #2: So, you think he's too attractive for you? Listen, if he's smart he'll stay with you. If he's dumb he'll leave. That's just the facts. You can't let the opportunity pass you by, though. You never know.

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    No. 1

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    Guy 1...seems perfect...

    Not guy 2 because you have not even talked to him, and guy 1 already knows you parents & if he is a family friend then there is almost no chance you parents will make you sneek around to see

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    NO.1 because you have a relationship of some sort with him already. NO.2 you don't know him. Just stare at each other. your from different religion. not that think that should matter.just what you might think.

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    number 1 sounds like a better boyfriend right now

    maybe if you get to know 2 better, that could be good too

    I'd chose 1 for now if I were you tho

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    I would choose the one who makes me happy and the one my family would more likely appreciate.

    no..1 sounds ok my only concern is his age.

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    NUMBER ONE!!!- because he is a family frend so yur family nos him. and he likes u!!!!! so it will def. work out. and u meet 2-3 times which is good. and no.2- u guys nvr talk so it wont work out a lot. no.1 is attractive so go for it!

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