1999 Dodge Dakota transmission problem?

I have a 1999 Dakota, bought second hand. I do not drive it too often, as I have a smaller car for most commuting. My Dodge has a problem shifting past third gear - most of the time, but not always. It has been acting like this for awhile, but I've finally decided to look into it. the truck has 117800KM.

Any ideas on fixing costs?


The transmission shifts to 3rd gear. Last year I did a power flush of the transmission. This problems been around awhile. It mainly seems to happen when in colder weather

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    When you say it doesn't shift past third gear, do you mean that it shifts from first to second? Or does it just stay in second gear while you are driving (should be around 2600 rpm @ 50km/h). Also, is there a jerk when you shift it into reverse or drive from neutral?

    In the case that it is shifting from first to second, I have no idea whats wrong with it.

    In the case that it is stuck in second gear, it is in "limp-in" mode. This is a mode the transmission reverts to when it notices there is something wrong in an effort to try to protect the transmission from any further damage. The only way to know for sure is to get your transmission scanned. Some places do that for free, so check them out. The tranny on my Dodge did the same thing as well. Good luck with it though.

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    Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems

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    If it tends to do it more when it's cold or when you first start using it during the day, change the Transmission Fluid. Dodge transmissions are notorious for not shifting out when the fluid becomes weak.

    There could be other issues but if the issues occur as I suggested then a fluid change may be the cure all.

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    I suggest you go in or call a couple of different Chrysler Dealers and talk to the service manager and explain the issue in detail. Most of them are pretty outright and will tell you exactly what your problem is. I personally lean toward a sensor. You can bet they have had more than one of this exact issue. If you don't get a good result from one call another. You may want to even try an Auto Parts store many of there front dest people are very sharp and can point you in the right direction. But, your best bet is to talk to a service manager and keep calling until you get one that will be up front and explian it. I find face to face works best. Naturally most want you to bring it in an hook it up to the computer to oin down the issue, but most of us can't afford a ten minute diagnostic and pay 100 dollars. Sorry, I can't help more.

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    Transmission Filters need to be replaced and flush transmission fluid.

    I do this about every 50K miles or when it starts slipping or not shifting as it should.

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    Its a Dodge Dakota.

    Sell it, and be rid of your problems.

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    replace it

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    not good

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