Dell laptop running CRAZY slow! Help?

Note: the person asking this question is a complete computer idiot (if it does not involve searching the internet) Ok, that being said. I have a dell inspiron laptop that has been running VERY slow from start up on... EVERYTHING is slow.. At this point I have: deleted all temp internet files and done a disc clean up... no help. the laptop is making a sound like it is constantly trying to run a program, but nothing is loading... What can I do myself at home to fix or diagnose this? thanks for any answers. Please put in "computers for dummies format"! :o)

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    If your virus/spyware free, there are a couple things you can do get your computer working faster. If you using your computer for normal stuff and not gaming. You don't always need more RAM you just need to perform a few maintenance task.

    First, if you haven't cleaned your registry in a while. This is necessary. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, un-installs etc. Each one of those events produces a key. That key needs your PC's resources and free space. So, if you clean your registry, you make more resources available for speed. Do a registry scan if you got more than 20 errors you should clean it.

    2. Clear your Windows cache files, this is your temporary file. It can grow up to a large volume and stop your computer from using RAM properly. In a sense slow it down by preventing it from using free space.Here is how:

    1. Quit Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other web browser

    2. Click Start, click "Control Panel", and then double-click "Internet Options".

    3. On the General tab, click "Delete Files" under Temporary Internet Files.

    4. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the "Delete all offline content" check box , and then click OK.

    5. Click OK.

    3. Manage your startups. Your excess CPU usage is due to too many programs running in the background. You can cut these to barebones by alter your msconfig. Here is how:

    1. Open your Start menu.

    2. Click Run

    3. In the command screen type "msconfig.exe"

    4. In the "system configuration utility",click either "service" or "startup" tab

    5. Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.

    6. Click "OK"

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      thank you so much, amazing advice worked a treat

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    Dell Laptop Running Slow

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    I hope the Dell is old then it would be best to get rid of it. You will not find anyone except Dell to fix it and they do not have a good repair department. I would suggest you get a MacBook and here's why: There are NO CONS. The MacBook does both WinBloze and OSX, no other computer can make that statement. You have the best of the best. Apple Stores are popping up all over and you can make an appointment for a time and date, bring your computer there. They will troubleshoot it and fix it if it's a software problem it's FREE. What other computer company has stores and can make that statement? Get the 2.4 GHz with 4Gigs Ram and you got a speed machine like mine. The WinBloze people may not like a Mac computer but I'll bet they all have iPods.

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    Best thing that you can do is clean up your msconfig. You might have to many programs starting up as soon as you turn you laptop up. Once you do get it started. Go to start --- run-- and type in msconfig. Once that box starts up select the tab that says startup. Uncheck what ever programs you do not want to automatically start when you turn you laptop on. You will have to reboot for the changes to take effect.

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    uninstall your antivirus and reinstall it. Make sure its not outdated and/or expired. this will reak havic on a computer

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