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Link between PTC and genetics?

I was recently diagnosed with Pseudo tumor Cerebra. I have 2 sisters who have it. One was diagnosed after I was, but had gone blind several years ago. they said she had 'hysterical blindness'. For 7 years she tried to convince drs she was really blind and it wasn't in her head.

Anyway, off the topic.

My neuro docs and any other docs I have spoken to said it is not genetic, that it is a coincidence. Well, my 4th sister is presenting with headaches, and I am fearing she is beginning the dreaded process...

Any info or links would be great.

Thanks a million.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi Kathy,

    There is a study being done to assess the relationship between major thrombophilic and hypofibrinolytic pathoetiologies of pseudotumor cerebri and possible underlying heritable coagulation disorders. Have a look here:

    There are also a few articles in the Bio Info Bank Library that link various forms of PTC to possible genetic causes. The last two reports in the listing look particularly promising as they deal with occurrences of familial IIH.

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