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How do I write a perfect essay

How do I write a perfect essay for exams for college?

It is really hard for me to do it, I am so bad at writing essay at all,

please help me with that, to be honest I failed my exams cause

me very depressed. my subjects are marketing, IT and HRM.

I have got to pass them cause I have no time to re-take .

I just copied the answers from the text quote, and this is not allowed

and illegal, and things like that.

I am not very young by the way, I am a part-time adult student.

and I believe there are lots of experts here who are able to help with

writing essay,

I really appreciate and Cheers mates


to Yael

I know about

the rules of the essay writing that you mentioned,

but I manage to copy from it which is not my own idea at all,

Thank you for reading and answering,

Update 2:

HRM by Patrick Jones

Outline and describe recruitment and selection processes?

1.Recruitment is the first process, it is filling a job vavancy and an examination of the vacancy to select and consider a suitable candidate

Update 3:

and attracting application from them.

2.selection processes: Identify-->Job analysis-->Job descreption-->Person's sepeciti-->Advertise a Job-->Select an applicant-->Invite suitable applicants.

Update 4:

Something like that I answered, I really don't get it, I got 42% for this subject,

oh God, I can't believe it.

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    1. Decide on your topic

    2. Prepare your outline or diagram of your ideas (most important)

    3. Write your thesis statement

    4. Write the body

    5. Write the introduction

    6. Write the conclusion

    7. Add the finishing touches

    You can find many sample essays on internet to support those basic steps.

    2008-12-15 23:00:17 補充:

    It'll be better if you put your topic here, so people will have a better idea.

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    我非常沮喪。 我的學科是銷售,IT 和HRM。








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