Is Michael W. Smith and Robert W. Smith related?

I mean they were born like in the same decade and W. Smith's. One is a famous christian artist and writer and the other is a famous musical composer. I've always wondered... so does anyone know?

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    not related

    Michael Whitaker Smith, 7 October 1957, Kenova, Wayne County, West Virginia, USA. One of the most popular contemporary Christian artists, Smith, the son of an oil refinery worker and caterer, became a Christian aged 10.

    Michael Whitaker Smith was born to Paul and Barbara Smith in Richmond Hill, West Virginia. His father was an oil refinery worker and his mother was a caterer. He inherited his love of baseball from his father, who had played in the minor leagues. As a child, he developed a love of music through his church. He learned piano at an early age and sang in his church choir. At the age of 10, he had "an intense spiritual experience" that led to his becoming a devout Christian. "I wore this big cross around my neck," he would recall, "It was very real to me." He got involved in Bible study and found a group of older friends who shared his religious faith.

    Smith is married to Deborah "Debbie" K. Davis (b. 1959) and has five children: Ryan Whitaker, Whitney Katherine Smith-Mooring (married to Jack Mooring (brother to Leeland Mooring) of the band Leeland), Tyler Michael (keyboard player for the United Tour), Anna Elizabeth and Emily Allison. He resides in the Nashville suburbs and spends time at the Smith family farm.

    Smith is an alumnus of Alderson-Broaddus College, having been awarded the degree Doctor of Music honoris causa in 1992.

    Smith is the founding and visionary pastor of New River Fellowship in Franklin, Tennessee. He was the lead pastor from 2006 and 2008. Smith and his wife remain involved members of the church.

    Smith supports the Republican Party, and is personal friends with several prominent Republicans, including President George W. Bush

    Robert W. Smith is an American composer, arranger, and teacher. He was born in the small town of Daleville, Alabama in 1958 .[citation needed] He attended high school in Daleville, after which he left for Troy State University, where he played lead trumpet in the Sound of the South Marching Band.[citation needed] While at Troy, he studied composition with Dr. Paul Yoder.

    Upon his graduation from Troy State with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, Smith pursued his musical career in South Florida, where he earned the Master's degree in Media Writing and Production from the University of Miami, while studying with Dr. Alfred Reed.[citation needed] He was soon hired by Columbia Pictures Publications and later Warner Bros./Belwin Publications Smith's career with Warner Bros. continued until 2005, when it was bought out by Alfred Publications

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    Whitney Katherine Smith-mooring

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    Is Michael W. Smith and Robert W. Smith related?

    I mean they were born like in the same decade and W. Smith's. One is a famous christian artist and writer and the other is a famous musical composer. I've always wondered... so does anyone know?

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