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My best friend's dad died last ?

He died last night having never been saved. He did not believe in God but was a WONDERFUL, LOVING, CARING father and husband. He was everything you could ask for in a good person. And I worry so much that this undeserving man got sent to hell. I've read that unrighteous will be given a second chance and only evil people will be sent straight to hell. But I've also read that everyone who doesn't believe goes to hell. What is your religious take on that? Do you think a loving God would send a good man to hell?

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    Hi... Don't worry about this. None of us are the judge-- only God is the Judge. He knows even the secret prayers that people may say in their last moments. He can talk with people who are unconscious. He is the Just Judge-- and the Judge of all the world does what is right.

    The secret things belong to God, but the revealed things belong to us and our children.

    God is both loving and just-- and He is righteous in every way. Don't put yourself in the position of getting offended at G-d or of judging Him as if you are the jury. He knows what He is doing and all the ways that He reached out to a person throughout that person's life. He knows what kind of witness the man received about who Yeshua (Jesus) is and what he didn't.

    Humans usually cannot know for sure if a person is going to hell or not. Only God, who is perfect and just and holy, knows those kinds of things.

    In your situation, you should ask God for comfort for you. He said, "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted."

    Your friend's dad was given a life and the right and responsibility to make his choices. No one can make his choices or unmake them. No one gets more than one life to make those choices. Leave him in God's hands-- and be a caring listener who does not have all the answers and does not have everything figured out. Be there to sit with your friend as she grieves and honor his memory as a good husband and father.

    Leave the judging to God. God knows the human heart inside and out-- and He knows if a person cried out to Him for forgiveness in truth or not. We don't.

    Hugs to you and your friend.

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    Saved from what? An ancient myth and a pretty mixed up one at that. That very bit of logic right there should be reason enough to file it under a bunch of nonsense. If there was a loving God, there would be no concept of hell, it would be impossible to even conceive the though of hell. From perfection comes no such thing as evil, including any of their creations conceiving evil. It's a cop out when believer say man created or chose evil. When something is perfect, NO flaws can ever come from it in any way shape or form. Don't worry your friends dad won't suffer at all. You need to be alive to suffer, when you are dead you don't do anything. Sorry for being blunt, but that's the way I see it. It's hard enough as is when a loved one dies, why throw salt on a wound, by thinking a loving God would make a good person suffer forever in hell. If there is a God like that, I can assure you that nice man is far better off away from that sick God.

    edit: It sickens me to read how so many Christians here can have no problem what so ever, of a very kind man going to hell. Their delusions have gave them a very warped sense of compassion for their fellow human beings.

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    No. If there is a Heaven, I'm sure your friend's dad has already arrived.

    He sounds like the type of man God would have wanted to care for his children on earth.

    Religion scares people and instills so much fear in the hearts of so many.

    Not everyone believes you must be "saved" to be on God's team.

    Be a good friend to your friend during this difficult time.

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    while a relatives member is taken away so unexpectedly that's a marvel to actual everyone. There rather isn't something you're able to do yet be there to your chum and hear. no longer understanding what she is going by way of is frequent you weren't the single that lost your father and it is generally no longer common. merely furnish a lot of help and love. each and every now and then learn is the right gadget to benefit information. each and every now and then merely being around and giving stable capability it the right element you're able to do. Its regularly difficult while inquiring for the thank you to help. In her eyes its the tip of the worldwide and not something can ever restoration what befell yet its no longer actual. Time can heal something. the right element to your chum is time. she will pass in the process diverse ranges of grief. Its going to take her a together as yet she gets there she will comprehend that she isn't being punished. Its component of existence, it sucks besides the shown fact that that's a factor of existence. a lot of human beings consisting of myself have blamed god for the shortcoming of acquaintances and better half and young babies. My appropriate chum died while she became into basically 8 years previous. for a lot of years I blamed myself and god for being so egocentric. I blamed myself because of the fact I went to camp without her and that i became into no longer there the morning she died. It became into tragic, I blamed god for taking her remote from me. For the longest time i could no longer comprehend why he could do this to me and her. After some years of blaming myself i found out that it became into gods will. She became into caught with an no longer worth mom and had long gone to a extra desirable place. Even now a lot of years after her loss of life I nonetheless replace into egocentric and desire she became into nonetheless with us yet i comprehend she is in a extra desirable place. All it takes is time. God has his motives for each thing. Its a tragic difficulty yet she gets by way of it with the affection from you and her relatives. She desires time and help it particularly is going to likely be an prolonged highway. If a pal such as you is in her existence she will continuously have somebody to coach to. Be solid for her while she cant be. In time she will comprehend that her father is in a extra desirable place. actual everyone is going for a reason. in line with probability he became into ill and no person knew. You never comprehend. He became into taken for a reason. she will finally see this and be at peace. Be solid and supply her capability. stable success.

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    It is not GOD that sends a person to hell. It is the actions of that persons life that sends them to hell. Our loving GOD did not create hell for man. It was created for satan. It was your best friends fathers choice to serve satan and hell is where satan exists. GOD sent JESUS his only son to earth to die for our sins . Whoever believes in JESUS shall not perish but have everlasting life. The Bible does not say the unrighteous will be given a second chance . Perhaps that is a muslin belief. Anyway , hope you have a GOoD day !

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    My condolences to your friend!

    If you want to know for yourself (and stop your worry/concern), then learn the skill of Astral Projection and find out! The instructions are in The Anointed, The Elect, and The Damned!

    There are many who don't go to hell and aren't Christian! In Fact, there are a lot of Christians who are burning because they do not do what The Most High REQUIRES starting with the fact that He requires KNOWLEDGE and OBEDIENCE not 'belief and faith'. Yes, there is a difference between the words.

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    Jesus is the personification of what is good true and right. We dont know if he is reconciled to God just because he hasnt openly confessed only God can measure and search His heart. Worry not read Ecclesiastes chapter 3 its rather rough on the topic of life and death, but this mans soul is out of your hands. God knows best.

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    HOW good is good enough to get into heaven? Our riotousness is as filthy rags. No, it does not matter how good we are. What matters is whether we have accepted Gods free gift of salvation. Sure it is free but until we reach out and take it, it is not free.

    I am sorry for your friend. I can say this, God is a fair judge and HE will be the one who judges this man. Hang in there and make shure that you are ready when your time comes.

    Pray to God and ask HIM to forgive you for your sins and ask HIM to come into your heart and save you.

    And HE will if you really in truly mean it.

    May God bless you as you think about this important decision.

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    I will explain it in accordance to the belief of the catholic church

    if he was aware of the need of the catholic church for salvation and neglected of his own free will to go then his soul is in turmoil.

    if he left do to another's actions, or was unaware of the need of salvation, then he will be saved, as he is what is called, baptized by desire, unknown to him the good works and charity were from God and used through him.

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    The Bible says there will be a resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous. He's not going to burn in eternal hell fire.

    Acts 24:15 .... that there is going to be a resurrection of BOTH of the righteous and unrighteous

    Source(s): The Bible
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