Political Corruption in 2008?

Ok so I'm brainstorming for topics for my government final project. I know that I want to explore political corruption, but I have yet to narrow it down to one specific incident in 2008, so I'd be grateful for any ideas you guys might have! Thanks in advance


Yeah the case with the Illinois governor was definitely at the top of my list, I was just trying to see if there were other significant events from earlier this year because I can't remember. Thanks for all of the input so far everybody! =)

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    I think one of the most compelling topics as far as alleged political corruption is concerned was the recent indictment of Vice President Cheney on prison profiteering charges. There is a HUGE story here.

    Mr. Cheney has invested millions of dollars with the Vanguard Group. The Vanguard Group has been very instrumental in the development of private "for profit" prisons. Mr. Cheney and other politicians who are invested in these prisons "for profit" have a particular interest in seeing these beds & cells occupied. There is a nefarious conflict of interest here to say the least. Politicians who design, support and pass laws which send people to prisons -private "for profit" prisons- which they are financially invested in cannot possibly represent or govern with unbiased integrity.

    Source(s): Cheney and Gonzales Indicted In South Texas http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5...
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    Corruption will always exist in politics.It is a sad truth. Our responsibility as Americans is 2 try and sort out the accusations that have merit.from the ones that are frivolous.I remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal.Republicans were demanding impeachment.I thought that was absurd. But as far as 2008. I honestly feel that the voter registration fraud perpetrated by ACORN was atrocious! Voter eligibility should have standards.People should be required 2 pass an aptitude test 2 receive voter eligibility status.What kind of country will we be if we continue 2 allow groups 2 sweep the gutters of society to register folks who pay no taxes,have no knowledge of politics,and contribute nothing 2 the country?

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    Hey, if you write about the motives as well as the events your paper could also get a good grade in Psychology or Anthropology.

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    Check out Illinois governorship in your local paper now


    Source(s): It is all over the news this week lots of resources
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    Just look into Chicago politics

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    the blagoyovich case is a very good example

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    BLAGO is one hell of a start.

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