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Who do you think is better David Archuleta or Jonas Brothers?

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cant choose both

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    David Archuleta all the way

    People think he got it handed to him but he didn't, he had to work for getting noticed, it's not like he's miley cyrus and his dad got him automatic fame, not he started singing when he was like 6, and now, at the age of 17, he's finally realized his dreams! Being on American Idol, he had to go through so much to even get to see the judges. When he did, it was working non stop, and as the finale got closer, it was hardly sleep, but memorize 3 songs, and then suddenly get up on stage and perform on live TV in front of MILLIONS of viewers, as well as being critizied by judges! That takes skill, talent, and over all braveness! I think he has a much better voice and has better lyrics and he's so much better then the JoBros all together, and all the people who say JB are better is cuz they are JB fan girls who really have nothing better to do then annoy people on Y!A. Honestly I do not like the JB's at all, they sing horribly and honestly, they seem like they got picked up off the streets.

    i might be being harsh, but honestly David shouldn't even be compared to the JoBros, they really have no talent when David did, otherwise he wouldn't have made it as far as he did on American Idol. The Jonas Brothers just got it handed to them by Disney, and if David went and sang for them years earlier, he would have been the same as the JoBros, but instead David worked his way to the music charts, and he is better then them by far. He actually sounds smooth when he sings, but the Jo Bros sound constipated and groany.

    Everyone has thier own opinion but i think we have some 10-12 year olds just running lose on Y!A cuz Daivd is wayyyyyy more talented.

    Oh, and Simon Cowell, someone who actually knows music knos that JB is just some Disney crap, David is pure talent, and Simon would chose David over JB everytime. Remeber people music is talent, not looks(aka what the Jb's are famous for). David has talent, that is why he is where he is and he very much deserves it.

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    How dare you compare someone very talented to the Jonas Brothers! David Archuleta is such an amazing singer, he writes awesome lyrics, and he is so nice, sweet, cute, and down to earth.

    Whoever said that the Jonas Brothers actually worked to get where they are, and everything was just handed to David, you don't know how wrong you are! All that the Jonas Brothers had to do was audition for Disney, and since they were attractive, they automatically became famous. David, however, had to memorize up to three songs every week, perform in front of millions of people, and take criticism from judges. That would be so hard! And he actually sounds incredible live! I can't say the same for The Jonas Brothers.

    I love your answer, ♥Smitty Blue♥! I could not agree with it more!

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    I am a fan of the Jonas Brothers and David A. - But I will have to go with David Archuleta!!

    His voice and personality is more real... They both have talent but David Has even more!!!!

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    No competition at all David Archuleta.

    His first album was beyond amazing, and his vocals are just way too good! He had vocal paralyisis and he still sings better than the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers like ♥Smitty Blue♥ said sound constipated when they sing. They are ugly as hell too, so no competition David all the way!

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    David has a lot more talent and he has BRAINS not just looks and talent. The Jonas Brothers don't even have talent in my opinion, or the looks, and definitly not brains.

    i cannot even begin to descirbe how awful the Jonas Brothers are.

    David Archuleta has amazing vocals and lyrics. He wins hands down.

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    I'd say David Archuleta..

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    1 decade ago

    Wow I really do not like the Jonas Brohters at all. They are disgusting and shouldn't be famous at all.

    David Archuleta. Someone born with REAL talent. He also worked for it too, whoever says he didn't are really clueless and brianwashed by untalented cross dressers.

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    David Archuleta because he is just so adorable,

    The jonas brothers are fine, But.. They arent very unique.

    This is just my opinion.

  • David Archuleta is way better.

    Don't compare him the the JoBros,

    It REALLY bugs me!

    Omg, totally agree with Waiting for Yesterday.

  • 1 decade ago

    Jonas Brothers

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