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What dog food brand should I feed my 1 1/2 month pitbull puppy. ?

Here are the brands Pedegree, Beneful, Eukanuba, Members Mark Exeed, Royal Canine, Canidae, or Innova EVO. Please tell me which one is the best.

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  • papaw
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    I'd certainly NOT give them Purina or Beneful!

    Of the ones you've listed,

    1) EVO

    2) Canidae

    3) Eukanuba

    I'm not familiar with Royal Canine or Members Mark EXeed.

    At six weeks, I'd give them Eukanuba puppy chow moistened with milk.

  • Kate C
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    1 decade ago

    I have never heard of Members Mark, so I can not tell you about it. But given the list below I will give you, you can figure out how that food compares.

    Innova Evo


    Those are the only two I would be willing to feed.

    Other foods you may want to look into:

    Innova (given the high protein in Evo I would just go with regular Innova until 2 years of age)

    Taste of the wild

    Timberwolf Organics


    Solid gold mmelinia

    You want to stick with around 24% protein give or take a couple. explain what ingredients to avoid) comprehensive list of dog foods rated from 1 to 6 stars).

    Also, 6 weeks is too young for the puppy to be away from its mom and littermates. Valuable lessons are learned during those minimum required by law two weeks the pup has missed. It is recommended to let a pup stay with its litter up until 12 weeks give or take a couple weeks. Please learn what you need to replace for the rest of the pups life, but especially during the next few weeks since he is missing out on learning bit inhibition and other important lessons. (read it takes a pack to raise a puppy)

    Source(s): Owner of three raw fed dogs. Add: I also agree with Erin S. Since the pup is so young, I would feed wet and dry mix slowly increasing the dryness of the food or just feed wet. Either way, if you feed kibble(wet or dry) You have to brush the dogs teeth. The only diet that does not require you brush your dogs teeth is a raw meaty bones and offal diet. Save the Pits: I feel you know what you are talking about for the most part, but I also disagree with the 26% protein being fed to a growing large breed puppy. A pup needs to be fed 23% protein or less or an all life stages food. It has to do with the calcium:phosphorous ratio staying in balance, not protein. Once growing stops is when some of the higher protein diets are ok to feed. Also, Pork is fine to feed. I feed pork spare ribs all the time. I keep their diet varied but they eat pork just as they would if the got loose and had to live on their own. (They would probably eat deer more than pork, but if they did get pork, it would not cause a problem. Pork is expensive, that is why it is not in dog food.) Their instinct would be to form a pack and kill a large animal to devour. Not sure if the can do that, but I can not put it past them since I have seen many dogs use their instincts everyday. This explains very well what I think dogs diets are like: Myth: Dogs are carnivores All scientific evidence points towards the fact that dogs, while not true carnivores, are opportunistic, carnivorous scavengers. Cats on the other hand are true, obligate carnivores, requiring animal protein to survive. There is a difference between a carnivorous scavenger and an omnivore though - dogs lack the dental characteristics, longer digestive tract and specific enzymes of true omnivores like [bears]. That is the reason why they can not digest grains and vegetables unless they are "predigested" by processing, mincing/grinding, breakdown by enzymes, or fermentation through bacteria. Once converted, they are fully available to the dog. This does, however, not mean that your dog will thrive on a diet mainly made up of poor quality grains or grain fragments, which is what most cheap foods are. Whole grains, including their entire complement of nutrients are much more valuable - and this does not only apply for a dog's diet, but for humans as well! Quoted from
  • Anonymous
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    Innova EVO is the best. Actually, it's one of the best dog foods you could feed. It's a grain-free food. Second in line would be Canidae, which is also a pretty high quality food. The rest of the foods you listed are low quailty foods so I would avoid them.

    Edit: I've just noticed this... but why do you have a puppy that is too young to be away from it's mother? In most places, it isn't even legal to remove a puppy from it's mother before 8 weeks of age.


  • 1 decade ago

    Ive asked my self this same question for a while and when I first got my dog I was feeding him purina, then I noticed it sucked then I went to eukabana and that was a little better... but doing alot of research i foundout Inoova is the best kind, however the high amount of protein in it can be too much for puppies. But deffenetlt go wuth Innova

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  • 1 decade ago

    I feed my dogs plain Innova because we are working up to Innova EVO... VERY VERY good food.

    Do some research on the brands by going to natura dot com and do a comparison.

    Source(s): 5 dogs I feed well :o)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This dog should be on wet food. If it really is only 6 weeks old... wow! It is illegal to purchase a dog earlier than 8 weeks old.

    At 6 weeks you should be mixing wet and dry food to wean to dry food. The breed of dog is only important in activity level and size. The best brands of dog food are Innova, Wellness, BilJac, Royal Canine, then I would do Eukanuba. I only feed Pedegree if necessary. Do not feed Pedegree Puppy, it has too much extra stuff in it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Out of all of them, Innova EVO.

    Source(s): Mutt
  • 1 decade ago

    Pedigree, a used to feed my pit bull mix dog that and she liked it.I dont have her any more because she ran away about 2 years ago she would jump the fence a lot but now im getting a Siberian husky puppy.!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would reccomend iams puppy chow. Only because I feed my dogs that and they really love it. Also you can be sure there are no animal byproducts in it.

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    Ugh...why the heck do you have a 6 week old puppy? You do know that taking him away that young causes big problems. Namely biting, mouthing, destructive chewing, dominant posturing (even though it may not be a dominant dog which causes fights to break out between dogs), and lack of self control (will jump up, steal food, not be able to hold a "stay") correct? Of course not- otherwise you never would have bought a dog so young. Especially a pit bull who is going to strengthen the steriotype that pit bulls are bad because they bite/nip/mouth. Even if your dog just tries to gnaw on a person gently they're going to freak out. I know, I have 2. One of which was hand raised by me after his mom was hit by a car at the age of 3 days old. I'm an animal shelter worked so I am more experienced than the average person in dog training/handling and had another dog at my house who was able to teach some dog manners and over a year later I'm STILL trying to "fix" him.

    As for the food. There are many schools of though but here is my opinion. I've done tons of research and this is what I think is best for the average owner.

    First off, you need to mix wet and dry food together with warm water until it is all mushy for the next week or so. After 7 weeks you can move on to dry-only but you need to soak it in warm water until he's 12 weeks old. This means until all the food is mushy all the way through. This is because if the puppy eats their food then drinks water the food will expand in the stomach causing it to bloat and flip or even rupture. This is make life easier for you, I promise, and it's better for the puppy.

    As for the brand...lets discuss what shouldn't be in the food first:

    by-products, soy, corn, artificial preservatives, salmon (actually toxic to all dog breeds except for arctic breeds) fish (if you can avoid it since it cannot be digested by any breeds except for arctic/Chinese breeds) and wheat. Also, avoiding beef is good too unless you are positive your dog isn't allergic to it. And just to throw this out there, pork will destroy your dog's pancreas little by little until it's completely destroyed- when this happens the dog will have to be euthanized and it will be in terrible pain. This means no pork, bacon, ham etc. No dog food I've ever seen has this ingredient. Also, no ingredient listed as something like "meat by-products" "meat meal" or "meat" If it is ever unspecified like that it means road-kill or euthanized animals from shelters that sell that to be ground up by dog food companies. I am NOT kidding. These euthanized animals (since they are dead) have not processed the euthanasia drug either so your dog is eating it. The artificial preservative that is most commonly found in dog food is actually used to preserve your car tires. Gross.

    And we wonder why our animals die at age 8 from cancer...

    Now, the BEST thing you can possibly feed your dog is a raw food diet (veggies/fruits/good grains too...not just meat since dogs are different than wolves and are omnivores) but most people will screw this up so I do not recommend it.

    The second best thing you can do is cook your own kibble. Again, I do not recommend this for the average person.

    The third best you can do is buy a very high quality dog food kibble. The best being Wellness (in my opinion). Innova Evo is also wonderful but should only be used in working dogs- I will explain this later.

    I would steer away from Canidae since they have a habit of changing their formula without letting anyone know and it seems to be getting worse every time they do.

    Eukanuba has many different blends and can range from very good to very poor.

    I've never heard of Members Mark Exeed or Royal Canine so I cannot comment on it, I'm sorry.

    Pedigree is one of the WORST foods you can possibly feed.

    Benneful is terrible though not quite as bad as Pedigree.

    Okay, and one more thing that I know I'm going to get a billion thumbs down for if I didn't already get if from my remarks on the raw diet is the % of protein needed...

    Your dog should NOT get more than around 22% protein after it is full grown. Right now he should get around 26%. Why is this? Well, feeding more than that to an average companion dog is like feeding him rocket fuel. It'll make him frustrated and destructive since there will be no real way to release that pent up energy. This changes if you plan on doing serious agility training, using him as a service dog, or as a police dog. If this is the case then moving the protein levels up to around 33% is just fine. Many people compare their dog with a wolf and this is not the case. They are very different species now. Think about it, dogs have been domesticated and separate from wolves for thousands of years! We've bred them into little chihuahuas and gigantic Mastiffs. We've bred them for tasks like chasing rats out of tunnels and going to war. What makes us think that our dog is just like a wolf anymore? That's like saying we are just like the chimps! Our household dogs are omnivores and do need fruits and veggies and even some grains. We have to be careful with the types of grains, however, since they cannot digest many of them. Corn is a terrible filler and tends to make dogs hyperactive and aggressive so watch out! It's also one of the most common food-allergens in dogs. All this brings me back to Innova-EVO. It is a wonderful food for working dogs and has fantastic ingredients but it is not for the average dog.

    Here are my favorite foods:

    Solid Gold



    You can supplement these with fresh fruits, veggies, raw meaty bones (no marrow as this can cause the same pancreas problems as pork), tripe, hearts, liver, and pumpkin.

    I would like to respond to Kate: Yes, you are correct about the calcium/phosphorous. Especially in a large breed puppy you've got to keep it down. The reason I concentrated on the protein is because that seems to be the fad right now- feeding 100% meat and it is really hurting dogs. I think that puppies do need a little more protein than adults but I won't argue with you too much there, I think the difference in opinion is within reason. Finally, pork is NOT good for dogs but you are right about price being the reason why it is not in dog food. For those companies it is all about the price. But just because it is expensive and your dogs haven't had a problem with it -yet- doesn't mean that it's good for them. A couple veterinarians explained to me that the dog just can't handle it. The dog will eat the pork fine for only so long before that final straw...then your dog is writhing in pain and you're confused since it was only ONE strip of bacon. It takes awhile to develop and some dogs never get enough to have it happen. One pork chop won't kill your dog but over time it can.

    Source(s): Animal Shelter Worker
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