Why do people like Susan Smith and (probably) Casey Anthony murder their own children?

I am watching something on t.v. right now about Susan Smith, who in the early 90's, drove her car with her two little boys into the lake and let them drown. Why the hell would anyone do this? AND, why would they call authorities and want media attention when this makes it possible for them to get caught and put in jail?? none of this makes sense.

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    Because they are narcissistic sociopaths who really do not feel pain or empathy for others. They only feel pain for themselves. Other people just get in the way of what they want, or are things to be used to get what they want. Often, this develops because of abuse during childhood, and the child begins to "disassociate." Susan Smith was sexually abused by her stepfather when she was 12. We don't know what caused Casey to develop into such a monster, but there is usually a logical explanation. We just may never know what it is because the Anthony family is very dysfunctional. As much as the Anthonys gloss over the truth, their reality might be very dark indeed. For example, Casey never told her parents that she was pregnant, in fact, she denied it until the baby was delivered and the parents seemed to believe her in spite of the fact that Casey was huge and Cindy Anthony is a nurse. There is nothing to prove that Caylee was the product of a one-night-stand, as Casey claimed. She simply doesn't want to reveal the identity of the father, and it makes one wonder why.

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    considering you're taking 6 random human beings off the line and calling them jurors. those human beings have not have been given any clue how the court docket gadget works, how data works, what the words "previous a sensible doubt", "professional testimony" or "reason" capacity. they have not have been given any clue approximately jury instructions, criminal expert manipulation, and so on and so on. that's in all danger their first time ever in a court docket room. Now they are pulled remote from their very own lives to decide a criminal case of yet another guy or woman based in hassle-free terms on data it is permitted via our incorrect criminal gadget. remember, what we heard via the media replaced into no longer what the jury heard. data can in hassle-free terms be provided in a undeniable way and now and lower back, significant data isn't enable in for some loopy reason. The jury has been sitting in a tribulation for a month and a 0.5 listening to one man or woman after yet another communicate and communicate and communicate. a similar questions are asked many times. The jury is falling asleep, no longer paying interest, thinking approximately their very own lives, and so on. that's situation-free that persons lose concentration, forget approximately and don't pay interest while listening to something for extra effective than 5 minutes. those human beings sat via what, one hundred hours of this?? They have been remote from their abode and families in this time. Do you think of all of them knew the data out and in??? They have been drained, wanted to flow abode and agreed on a verdict so as that they could see their families and watch television lower back. human beings additionally suspect that jurors did no longer like the dying penalty which made it tougher to get a "in charge" verdict. for my section, the full complete gadget is extremely incorrect and unreliable. you oftentimes here of human beings getting exonerated (set unfastened from detention center) because of the fact of latest data (DNA) that proved their innocence. in the time of their trials, they had a team of jurors that suggested they have been in charge. there are hundreds of human beings in detention center that should not be and hundreds extra that at the instant are not in detention center which could be. Its is barely one screwed up gadget.

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    1 decade ago

    Who knows why certain people succumb to the evil with-in. At least the children will never feel any more pain in heaven.

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    1 decade ago

    because there are some sick and disgusting people out there who deserve to die, and not kill their kids.

    i mean comee on! theey were 1 and 3 and i cant imagine at all

    how any one ANY ONE

    would be so sick and evil to do something as wrong as that

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    1 decade ago

    cause if they didn't then people would think they did it and if they do call the media in then people think that they want the person who did do it to go to jail

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