Indian population in England?

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Can anybody explain the large Indian population in England? Which is the city with the largest Indian concentration in the UK?
No racist comments pls.
Update : By Indians, I do not mean Native Americans.
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  • Hello answered 5 years ago
I didn't know there were any indians in England - there's only a few left in the US these days. I'd say London is probably your best bet.
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  • S answered 5 years ago
    Leicester is the City with the largest percentage of non-whites in Britain. It is something like 70%, 26% of them are Indian. It is definitely not London.

    There are 1,600,000 people of Indian origin in the UK.
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  • Rob_uk answered 5 years ago
    Two per cent of the population of England and Wales are Indian, with Leicester having the highest proportion (25.7 per cent).


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  • Bill Hanson answered 5 years ago
    west london
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  • Grant D answered 5 years ago
    Bradford Or London
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  • carina answered 5 years ago
    do you mean Indian, or Bangladeshi, or Pakistani, or Sri Lankan ... or any of the other south asian countries
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