what kind of idiot ref calls a touchdown for the steelers,when the stupid ball was ON the goal line!ON,not in!?

the call on the touch-down at the Ravens vs. Steelers game is the stupidest call i have ever witnessed in the NFL. RAVENS RULE!!!!!!!!!

STEELERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It was easily the dumbest call I've ever seen. I mean, you could certainly say the Ravens defense shouldn't have allowed themseves to be put in that situation. They allowed almost 92 yards in the last few minutes. But, in order for the Steelers to earn a touchdown, you still have to cross the goal line with the ball. That did not happen. The ruling on the field was that he did not cross the goal line. That ruling was not overturned. The ref merely said his feet were in the endzone, which is completely irrelevant.

    I've heard the analogy that if you catch a ball with your feet in bounds it's ruled a catch even if the ball is out of bounds. By some leap of logic, it is suggested that as long as your feet are in the endzone, it's a touchdown. However, the analogy does not determine anything other than whether or not it was a catch. To determine if the catch gets you a first down or a touchdown, you have to go with the placement of the ball. In this case, the ball was placed outside the endzone. By definition, the ball must cross the plane of the endzone to be a touchdown. The call was right on the field--it was a catch on the 1 foot line. The crime here was that the ruling on the field was overturned and the game was virtually decided by the whim of an official, rather than on the field.

    I could understand the call on the field being overturned with video evidence that the ball crossed the goal line. It would be a bad call, but it would at least make sense. But I wonder if there has ever been in the history of the NFL a ruling of a touchdown when the ball did not cross the plane of the goal line. I'd be interested if someone could find that out.

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    The goal line IS the endzone, only the tiniest part of the ball has to touch the tiniest part of the white line for it to be a touchdown. Now, I don't believe the ball ever touched the white line while the WR had possession so I don't know what the ref was seeing.

    However, some people have said it is kind of like when a WR catches the ball on the sideline of the endzone, he might not actually have possession while the ball itself is in the endzone, but as long as he has two feet in it is a touchdown. Again, I'm not sure if that is the rule here but it may be...

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    What about the Ravens drive when Harrison was blatantly held and nothing was called. The Steelers would have has the ball back with plenty of time on the clock instead of hurry up offense. Yet twice they were called onholding which was not holding, even the announcers agreed to that. One call the Steeler player only had one hand touching the player??? There were plenty of bad calls most against the steelers, this was the correct call. Tough game, they won.

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    The claim is that he had two feet in the endzone when he possessed the ball, and that possession was deemed to be complete when his body was ON the goal line, therefore they called it a touchdown.

    If I were you and I'm a Steelers fan, I would be up in arms about the second quarter first down that the Steelers were given, when it clearly showed that the runningback did not actually make it to the mark in the replays. The Ravens got robbed on that call, and that may have been the game changer. That was an incorrect call by the officials.

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    Sorry. I've seen touchdowns called with less proximity to the end zone than this. It was a touchdown -- Steelers win, Ravens . . . well what can I say? No need to for the Ravens to hang their heads, 'tho. It was a great defensive game, suspenseful down to the last 5 seconds. Loved it. I'm so happy to have seen so may Steelers' games in New York this season. I don't know how it happened, but thank you, football Gods! GO STEELERS!

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    It definitely is questionable. I'm a Steeler's fan, but I definitely thought we were heading for overtime (assuming the chip shot field goal). I see this being a topic that will be added to the official rule book at some point. Maybe the officials were making up for the blown touchdown call when we played the San Diego Chargers...

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    Question; Where is the plane of the endzone? I saw several different explanations on TV.

    1. At the edge of the white line on the playing field?

    2. The white line (goal Line)

    3. At the edge of the white line inside the endzone?

    Look at this picture of a Pylon. To me, the plane is at the end of the white line inside the endzone because the ball must be inside the pylon to be a touchdown.


    I''m a Steeler fan so to me, it was the correct call. "Touchdown"

    P.S. Was the Head Ref who made the decision the same ref for the Steeler-Seahawks Superbowl? If yes, I love that Ref.

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    1st off, it only has to touch the line. Look at Ben's TD in SB XL...

    2nd, the refs do NOT love the steelers. Look at the TD they called back this year (that made Vegas MILLIONS!!) and the INT that they called back vs Manning in Indy the year we won the SB. on both occasions the refs screwed the steelers. and on both occasions the NFL came out and admitted it was the wrong call. Once the NFL comes out and says it wasn't a TD, I will agree with you.

    3rd, the ref that marked the ball down on the inch line, made the call after looking AROUND a defensive player. His vision was impeded. Dont believe me, look at the video. About 44 seconds in, during the replay, you can see that the ref looked around the defender, therefore, at a bad angle. He should have called it a TD to begin with, and all you haters would have nothing to complain about...


    Source(s): www.nfl.com
  • From an unbiased point of view, the goal line is the endzone. If the ball is on that white line, that's a touchdown.

    And after what the Steelers did to Dallas last week, I was rooting for your Ravens, too.

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    I'm a Ravens fan but the ball does not have to cross the line to be a touchdown it just needs to touch the line. I don't blame the refs for this loss I blame the coaching staff. Horrible play calling

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