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What type of WAN, VPN would be best for this company?

The company has two offices located approximately 50 miles apart, each housing 15-20 employees. Besides the type of WAN & VPN what network remote access would work best and what type of network business applications would be needed?

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    The type of access depends entirely on the business and what is on either side of the network.

    A VPN is certainly the cheapest method of access, however if you have a large amount of site-to-site traffic and/or a relatively small internet connection, it might be more advantageous of you to get a private link between the two offices.

    50 miles is a bit too large for an OTA (over the air) approach, so I would recommend a private link between the two offices. The cheapest (and smallest capacity) of these would be the private T1 link. That will give you 1.5mb/s of dedicated bandwidth between the facilities. If you need more, I would recommend checking the ISPs in your area for a private ethernet link, either Fiber or cable if you're in an area where the cable service provider can serve your needs.

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    My answer would have been to use a VPN across the internet, but you said "besides" that. But that would be my first choice for networking two remote sites: a VPN.

    The business application would depend entirely upon the nature of the business in question.


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