Physician-Assisted Suicide Quotes?

I am doing a project on physician assisted suicide. I found a really good quote about the slippery slope ideology if physician assisted suicide is legalized. the problem is... i need to cite where i got the quote and i forgot to write the source down. The quote is:

“Legal experts Robert George and William Porth said, “It is not unrealistic to fear that government may assume what began as a private prerogative, and move from making life-and-death decisions for the comatose, to making them for the insane, for the retarded, for those of less than average intelligence, and finally for those who are entirely rational and intelligent, but whose desire to cling to life brands them as obstinate, uncooperative, and just plain unreasonable.”

If someone could find where this quote is it would be awesome if you'd let me know. If there are any other quotes someone can find regarding this slippery-slope idea it would be greatly appreciated if you could write the site and the source down.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    As you have written down the names of the people who said the quote, a parenthetical citation is not necessary. Just as long as you include their names.

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