What exactly is "Walking Pneumonia?" What causes it? What can it lead to? ?

I have a very dear friend who's contracted it and I am worried about a condition which sounds pretty serious, and not attended to.

Any thorough answers out there?

Would a person die from it, if they do not seek medical help?

How long would a person sustain it without seeking a cure?



Thanks Steve, will do!

Update 2:

This question was referring to you, Kat...I was hoping by now you'd have found out how you'd treated this. I would not be waiting around..I'll tell you that..You can die from full-blown pneumonia, that I know. Look into WedMed for clues while you wait for this next appointment. I would not just trust that time will favour you. You know fully well, that at times it does not! Please look into the net for answers.

Update 3:

and NOW by the way, please!

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  • Kat
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    1 decade ago
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    I honestly wish I knew the answer to this.I have it and for the life of me feel terrible.Ive been to two different Drs and I swear the medical community here are either idiots or simply dont care.I have a follow up appointment with a different doctor tomorrow and think if it is the same outcome I will be going out of town to the hospital.None can seem to give a definite answer when I have asked for a definition or explanation.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From what little I know it should be attended to as soon as possible..

    Kick them to a doctor if you have to ...

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