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Can you consider this venus sign in Aquarius or is it only in Pisces?

I see some people change or consider signs or house in certain it makes no big deal.

On my birthday venus just barely moved into pisces 0.00 to 2.00 degrees roughly. Can one consider this to be in Aquarius since the influence is still a cusp type of thing. Or is it in pisces and only pisces no if's, and's, or but's abut it?

And, if it can't be in Aquarius why do some ppl pull that junk with other positions?

Thanks :)


Just to be clear I want my venus to be in Aqua it sounds more like me...pisces in venus sounds like a different person...

Update 2:

Meh..... I am a venus aquarian no matter what anyone says...liz greene can bite me :p

Pisces is not cutting it for me & I already have a bunch of unwanted signs...sorry pisces in not invited to miss up my chart more :p

Update 3:


I would die for an Aries moon!!

An aries anything actually :(

Be lucky you have that !

At least you don't have a ton of cappy, scorp, and pisces...I think I only have like 3 planets I like....oh well.

Update 4:

Cuz Arians kick-***....Idk?

It's weird every person I meet or like has a strong aries influence or they are one.

Meh...their energy is great too bad I have none :(

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    Finally! Someone with the same problem! I hate my Aries Moon, it so doesn't fit me. It's in 29 degrees, and I could swear I feel more like a Taurus Moon. I'm just gonna go with it, but I'll still act like a Taurus Moon.

    Sorry I couldn't be of much help. I have the same problem.

    Edit, Lol, I have two planets in Cappy. Just one in Scorpio, sucks. In the first house though! Haha, I have no Pisces whatsoever. Why would you want anything Aries?

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  • 1 decade ago

    we'll need to look at the whole chart and the aspects they make, also your venus in a specific house may make you behave a certain way towards love. . .

    if you sound more like an aqua venus, is your birth time right?

    aspects to uranu can give the aquarian love nature aswell, so the rest of the chart really does matter

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    lol - what you want and what you get are sometimes two different things. But seriously, if the one sounds more like you it probably is right. There is a cusp-y type thing that happens with ascendants and the rest because sometimes the positions of the planets are not centered. Depending on who does my chart my rising comes up either Gemini or Cancer. I think the Cancer is correct - it sounds more like me - and sure explains my desire to give advice on YA! lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    it's in pisces, boy. 0.00 degrees and 30.00 degrees are the strongest representations for any sign. no such thing as blurring on the cusps. If your venus is at 0.00 pisces, it's a pisces venus.

    Source(s): liz greene
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