Decisions and Legislation on abortion?

After November 4th I began to think on the proposition on abortion. So what do kind of legal decisions and legislation are on the subject of abortion. The only one I can think of is the Roe v. Wade case

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    After Roe, there were a number of other landmark cases and legislation. Here are the majors...

    1972: Roe v Wade

    1976: Congress passes the Hyde Ammendment- forbids all federal funding from providing for abortions. This means Medicaid does not cover abortion and thousands of low-income women are denied their reproductive rights every year because of lack of money.

    1992: Planned Parenthood V Casey: Upholds the right of states to enact some restrictions (Ok'd parental consent, parental notification, mandatory waiting periods, and informed consent** laws) on women's right to abortion, while striking down one restriction (spousal consent). I put a ** by "informed" consent, because in most states, the required scirpt is medically inaccurate. For instance, in Texas our "informed consent" script tells women that abortion may cause breast cancer (even though the National Cancer Institute says it doesn't) and future infertility (which it totally doesn't).

    2007: Gonzales v Carhart: SC ruled that "Partial Birth" Abortion Ban was constitutional, even without a life-saving exeption, because it relied on the "expert" medical knowledge of Congress which decided that intact D&E was never medicaly necessary (even though the American College of Obstetricians and gynocologists disagreed).

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    there are quite a few...partial birth abortions, minors have the right to choose abortion w/o parent consent... that's all I can think of

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